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  • Nov. 5, 2020, 2:36 a.m.
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They couldn’t sell us that Trump was a Russian agent. They couldn’t sell us that he was colluding with the Ukraine. They couldn’t sell us that the police were hunting down black Americans. They couldn’t sell us the rape claims against Brett Kavanaugh. They couldn’t sell us that it was a mostly peaceful BLM protest. They couldn’t sell us white fragility. They couldn’t sell us critical race theory. They couldn’t sell us project 1619. They couldn’t sell us that Trump was a white supremacist. They couldn’t sell us that Amy Coney Barret was a radical catholic. They couldn’t sell us that Biden’s laptop was Russia Russia Russia gate. They couldn’t sell us that China wasn’t responsible for COVID-19. They couldn’t sell us Biden’s lies. They can’t sell us 97 genders. They can’t sell us that a full-term abortion is victimless. They can’t sell us that it is morally just to put a child through a chemical menopause. They can’t sell us these lockdowns. They can’t sell us that socialism is some new breakthrough idea that will work. They can’t sell us bought science. They can’t sell us that mail-in voting is bulletproof. They can’t sell us that this election is fair. This is why they hate the Trump base. We won’t go along with the fake news and the fake narratives and the fake radical ideologies from the leftists.

Park Row Fallout November 05, 2020

Or people dislike the Trump Base because to accept only a limited amount of information strictly because it already conforms to pre-established beliefs is an immature and asinine way of going through life?? Because gathering several perspectives and testing the veracity of the information they are presenting is called intelligence and civic responsibility? Because the Full Trump 100% and Full Biden 100% are so obsessed with their own navel and conspiracy theories that they reject the actual truth?? Just spitballing.

AppleGirl Park Row Fallout ⋅ November 05, 2020


Azrael November 05, 2020

I hate the trump base because they literally worship a toxic, narcissistic, pig. It's cult and no matter how childish or incompetent he acts his base just doesn't care.

crystal butterfly November 05, 2020

They didn't convince me with information that always comes from an unnamed source. Or with fiction bought and paid for to hurt him and was always proven to be false. They admitted that the laptop they have is really Hunters. I'm with you. I saw nothing to ever back up with evidence anything they have tried to hurt Trump. But they support all the things Biden has done. All the lies spread by a desperate Democratic Party. People who promote and support all the violence that has happen since Trump was elected the first time. They will not try to research the truth. And they do not believe when so much of the mainstream media news is eventually proven false because they hide that truth in the back pages. Sorry. I am just so frustrated that so many people have blinded themselves to what is really happening.

TommyGnosis crystal butterfly ⋅ November 05, 2020 (edited November 05, 2020)


They don’t have any cerebral constitution. They are covert narcissists looking for supply. Anything to justify why they think the world is cruel to them so they can convince others that they are special. It’s not usually worth engaging in their made up hero stories. They’re narcissists, there is only room for one view and one outcome with them.

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