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03: Think of the time you took a gamble and made a decision you wouldn’t usually make. How did it work out for you?

This is an all too common story, but it’s one that has significantly altered my life, and still does to this day.

It was the era of chat rooms. This was before trafficking was a largely known problem, and it was just people talking.

I “met” someone from Ontario, and we talked quite a bit online before moving to phone calls. Back then, I was able to get a calling card to call him during my off times of school and work. Well, it came up that I had New Year’s free and mentioned that I didn’t know what to do because everyone else had other plans. He asked me to go spend NYE with him. I told him I’d look at my bank account and he basically told me if I could just make it up, he would take care of the rest.

After 18 hours of map-reading and getting lost due to construction, I made it.

And…it was amazing.

He is still around, but…it’s more like a forbidden thing for him. He has a girlfriend, but he says that I’m the only one he has ever wanted to actually marry. He brings up memories from time to time, but I’ve started to let go. I feel like, he was THE ONE, but it just wasn’t our time.

Then he moved so close…he went from 16.5 hours to just eight, straight up the road from me.

But, I also know, if he REALLY wanted an “us”, things would be different.

Wouldn’t they?

But, that gamble lead to the belief in a weird, passionate sense of “love”. We did things naturally, we flowed seamlessly.

And I won’t settle for anything less.

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