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  • Nov. 3, 2020, 11:33 p.m.
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I’m not going to do into details, and I’m writing this before there is a clear result, but I just wanted to write how proud I am seeing the voter-turnout in this election. Being Aussie, it’s always been compulsory here, so seeing that over 100 Million (so far) U.S. citizens have made a conscious choice to have their voice heard is just so so cool, (even with Covid still being rife and seeing those big lines) no matter who they vote for.
It’s pretty exciting watching the live coverage and will be very interesting to see which way America goes for the next four years.

Edit: Right, now that were at a 220:213 stand-still for the time-being, and we’re waiting for the “blue-wall” postals to come in, and the speeches have been made, I will laugh my arse off if Trump doesn’t win this after declaring that he has LOL.

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