01 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

Revised: 11/02/2020 1:01 a.m.

  • Nov. 1, 2020, midnight
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01. What is an “old-school” song for you, and what memory is it associated with it?

My dad said this is how he remembered birthdays, the songs that were #1 at that time. Apparently, this was #1 in April of 1980. I know I could Google it, but somehow, it just seems sweeter to just let it be.

Last updated November 02, 2020

WildflowerHeart November 02, 2020

That's an unusual way to remember birthdays, never heard of that method but I like it.

Small Town Girl November 05, 2020

Your dad had good taste. I love Pink Floyd.

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