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  • Oct. 30, 2020, 5:30 p.m.
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Well, happy effing Friday everyone!

Today is a day of Zoom meetings for me. Sitting in a bajillion meetings I do not need to be a part of, but I’m also at the office so I won’t be caught with my pants down like I guess that reporter was. Did you hear about the New Yorker journalist who was masturbating on a Zoom call? I haven’t taken the time to read all about it but I heard about it and thought…well, it was only a matter of time before someone screwed up like this. Right?

So anyway, here I sit, chiming in every once in a while and keeping my hands above the table. Ha. Watching my fellow employees and listening to their mumbling and droning and their dogs barking and children popping in and out. At least I’m at the office, fully dressed with my big screens and my space heater under the desk.

So annoyed with Boss, but what else is new? At least he hasn’t been bugging me too much this week as he’s been out of state working on an acquisition. So that’s been kinda nice. He texts me every now and then with some issues he thinks are urgent, but they’re not. He’s also approving things and making changes to my product without my knowledge, so the factory reps are forwarding me the approvals and changes where I’m not copied and uggg. How to keep up with his changes if he won’t tell me (he’s doing things like cost-saving measures to packaging and such that make the product look cheap)? I can’t be effective when he’s communicating things and leaving me off of the communications.

But I’m definitely not banking on Giant Corp (remember the interview FAIL from last week?), so I need to get back on my game. Why is it so hard to just get a new development job? Well, there are not a ton of opportunities for what I do here, but honestly, if I thought about it there are more than I realize.

Every once in a while I hear from The Bulldog (remember him?) about how I should be working for myself. And maybe that’s true. And maybe I should just start something, but the thing is, I don’t quite know what or how to go into business for myself. I know that NOW is the time to be doing some kind of side hustle…during the pandemic. I read somewhere about this woman who started a party business during Covid and it was actually a pretty brilliant idea - she had someone construct party rental fixtures that are perfect for backyard/outdoor parties. I really love her idea - she created a champagne “wall” and a cool portable backyard beer bar and a donut wall with pegs to display donuts?! And a couple of other fixtures for outdoor parties. Cute ideas…

At the pretty park where I sometimes walk the dog I see these amazing, elaborate picnics set up. They look like incredible affairs with pretty tables set with luxurious linens, gorgeous floral arrangements, decadent fine tableware… how fun would it be to create things like that? They look like picnics created for the set of The Bachelor or something.

Speaking of The Bachelor, have you been following The Bachelorette this season? The one in the Resort Bubble? The one with Claire, “the oldest bachelorette ever”? At 39, she’s supposed to have had more life experiences and have worked through her earlier dating issues, and to be much more mature than previous contestants. But the way that this season has gone so far (two episodes in?), and it was edited to look like this from the get-go, she fell in love with one dude from the second they said hello! Not only that, she clearly only wants to spend time with ONE GUY. All the other guys are staging a walkout. It’s kind of hilarious. But it’s also weird…like, she goes in to kiss a guy and then pulls away at the last second and the guy tries to get her to come back and kiss him in a bit of a grabby way and she gets triggered and freaks out and the guy has to go home.

I don’t know how I feel about that. On the one hand, I’m annoyed with her for not “playing the game” the way the producers want, but on the other hand, I think about the fact that the whole premise of the show is to find love, right? I mean, I KNOW that it’s a reality TV show, but if I found so much chemistry with someone like it appears she has, it would be impossible to give the same attention to a bunch of other dudes.

But it looks like Claire’s going to get booted from the show with her dude and Tayshia (another bachelorette) is going to get her crack at the guys. People are saying she’s the worst bachelorette ever. But she might end up being the biggest winner - fastest engagement in the whole franchise!

BIG SIGH. I really should do something more productive with my time!

Speaking of time, there might be much more of it if this new Covid spike doesn’t settle down. I mean, spikes everywhere! I hear they are locking down Europe again. And I’m sooo worried about how things are about to go here in the US. We have always been a couple of weeks behind Europe, right? It’s about to get gnarly.

This, as people are so fatigued that they are not paying attention to Covid anymore. I have a group of girlfriends who just have to go to dinners and parties. My friend Anna flew in today and she’s staying with Lovely Leah and they are doing dinners and gatherings and packing the weekend full of events (it’s both mine and Anna’s birthday weekend and she wanted to celebrate). I’m still seeing my parents every Sunday, so I’m just not comfortable with it. I told them that I’d happily sit outside and hang out with them, but no outdoor plans have been made.

Meanwhile, I do plan to have lunch with my friend Cindy tomorrow. We are doing a patio lunch, so if I am able to see the other girls outside and socially distanced at some point it will be a bonus, I guess.

I just don’t get why some people are okay with weddings and parties and superspreader events. I don’t understand how people don’t believe that people are DYING? And maybe the numbers of death are going down, but the hospitals are at capacity, so…you really don’t want to get sick with anything right now!

Fucking pandemic. Spoiling all the fun. The bachelorette can’t travel the world and I can’t have a birthday party.

OK. It’s time to get out of here. I gotta go pick up the dog at daycare and then go home to do nothing yet again. Looks like maybe a long night of Bumbling…? Or maybe, in stark contrast, read my latest book purchase - E. Jean Caroll’s memoir, What Do We Need Men For?. Either way, I’ve got my dog and my bubbles, so it should be a relaxing evening, like most of them lately.

And just as I said at the beginning, happy effing Friday, everyone!

Complicated Disaster October 30, 2020

Happy F*cking Friday Lovely! xx

girl in recession October 30, 2020

I havent seen the bachelorette but it sounds steamy. I think that as you get older you have less of a tolerance for bullshit so you kind of know what you want/dont want right off the bat. Its weird that she wouldnt recognize the show for what it is though - like just ride it thru and go thru the motions even if you know who youre going to pick.

Gangleri October 30, 2020

It's amazing to me how much people are just ignoring good sense with covid.

Soliloquy October 30, 2020

I’m actually really surprised this this situation with the Bachelorette hasn’t happened before. I guess it speaks to the relative matchmaking prowess of the producers—they probably pick these guys completely at random and not based on being an actual good match, because if they did that the seasons would probably last as long (or short!) as Clare’s. This time they just happened to pick such a good fit that there was no point to the rest of the season. It’s cute but also I’m kind of grossed out that it looks like Taysha is going to get Clare’s sloppy seconds and not a new set of men.

bobbi01 October 30, 2020

We probably won't get that season of the bachelorette for ages here, but I guess if she isn't bringing the drama she has to go because ratings.

Elaine Benes October 31, 2020

Listen, we need everyone in your state to stay alive to VOTE! I don’t know too many people having parties and gatherings, I feel like most people around here are taking it seriously. But this week I had a serious breakdown about all these life events we can’t do. It makes so so sad.

pandora October 31, 2020

Whaaat?? The Bachelorette!! This sounds so interesting, I'm going to go look it up!

pandora October 31, 2020

Is it Clare Crawley from a past season?

pandora October 31, 2020

Oh it is!! I actually watched that season! Ahaha, amazing. I just read a couple of articles. I mean, good for her I guess - does the guy seem into her also?

plushcreep November 01, 2020

I've often thought of starting my own business too, but the sheer amount of work involved always brings me back to my senses!

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