Chill-Dren in Thirty-Five

  • Oct. 28, 2020, 3:08 a.m.
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Quick one tonight. I’m tired, it’s cold and I hurt.

I have a few things to talk about but just wanted to say that I saw my mother yesterday. She was sitting in my drivers seat (I was driving).

Anyway, let me explain. lol. My cousin B I mentioned in the last entry. So I took him to work and he did his thing. He calls me after work and is like exbf was just here so a friend of mine is coming for me and taking me to his house for a bit and then I’m gonna go to my other job, etc.

So I told him ok just let me know. Like 30 minutes later he calls again saying his friend was taking him somewhere so we could pick him up.

So we get to walmart, he’s not there, so I call him. Hes like halfway across town still. Didn’t sound good. Drove to where he was and started going home. Well we picked him up at a gas station and he had some snacks and stuff, so I bought those (aunt gave my dad money for him, since my dad and I share a bank account) and we left. So then we had already driven off and were a couple miles down the road.

B is drunk as fuck, incoherent. So he’s like laughing and trying to make jokes but he’s like I stole some stuff from there. I was like wtf did you just say? And he repeated it and laughed. Right then, my mom showed up.

“That’s not really fucking funny, B!” I snapped.

He said I’m sorry, and didn’t say another word for the rest of the trip.

This morning he remembered nothing. He’s an alcoholic. It’s one of those family traits unfortunately. My brother stopped drinking about 5 years ago because he wasn’t liking who he was while he drank.

Anyway, so yeah. We had a good long talk this morning with him and told him we are here to help him but he needs to help himself first. He was extremely apologetic and we told him, that we understand what he’s going through right now is a SHIT situation. But he doesn’t need to make it worse by fucking up like this. Because I will not hesitate to kick his ass out and let him fend for himself if he doesn’t let me help him.

I told Randy last night that this was happen in the morning because I know how my family is as drunks. They are assholes. I can be a drunk asshole, I just don’t drink often. So yeah.

We went grocery shopping and he did some of his job there, so that worked out. He’ll be gone all day tomorrow. I have to take him in at 7am and then he’ll probably work until 11.

Soooo that’s fun. I made tri-tip, mashed potatoes and carrots tonight because BIL and his GF were supposed to come over, but we never heard from him. Oh well, it was delicious. If it’s cold again tomorrow like it was today, I’m going to make potato soup out of the leftover mashed potatoes lol.

It was like 60 today. brrrrr. My dad said they got like 3” of snow in NM. So that’s awesome. I think the mountain got snow.

Alright, that’s it. Have a good one.

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