Human Nature in Thirty-Five

  • Oct. 26, 2020, 8:03 p.m.
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They say why, why? Tell them that it’s human nature. Why? Why? Does he do it that way?

Good afternoon my friends, how are we doing today? I’m kinda blankly staring into the screen right now. First off, it’s cold. I think we hit 68 today. Yesterday was 85. Blargh.

Anywho, so let me tell you about my weekend lol. Everythings good, just another thing, ya know. Doesn’t even directly involve me, but kind of.

Anywho, so my aunt (dad’s sister) called me Saturday afternoon. I kind of knew immediately what she was calling me for, because SHE doesn’t call me often, unless it has to do with one specific thing. My cousin B. He’s my aunts grandson (his mom is my cousin, her daughter).

So he lives here in Tucson. Well that side of the family we aren’t really close, my dad’s side. But you know, it’s family either way. So she calls to tell me that he’s gotten himself in a DV situation again. His ex bf and him were always in fights and whatnot. Well apparently this one got really bad, they both had marks and stuff on them so my cousin got sent to jail.

When he went back to get his stuff, his bf was like I don’t want you here, etc. So he grabbed a couple things and went and slept on the street Friday night. Apparently someone tried to rape him and stole all his stuff, so he had nothing but what he was wearing.

So she called me to see if I could go pick him up and see if he could stay with us for a little while. I have no problem with that. I know B well enough that it’s not going to be a problem, PLUS, we live quite a ways outside of town (still close enough that its not inconvenient) so he has a safe place to stay. He doesn’t have a vehicle so like taking him to work and picking him up and stuff.

So it won’t be a problem. I feel like I’ve been waiting for something like this you know? Someone that I can help. I don’t know. I didn’t expect it to be him, but he’s who needs help now. He’s like 7 years younger than me, so not too much. If anything I’ll be just like an older sibling, which he doesn’t have, nor does he have any support from his own mother, but that’s another story.

Anyway, so he’ll be here for at least 2 or 3 weeks, I’m thinking much longer, but we will have to see what happens there, honestly. I have just been encouraging and giving little pieces of advice, but not being judgemental about the situation. This is the 2nd DV thing he’s had with this current BF, and they’ve only been together since June.

He had the same situation with his ex who he was with for like 7 years. BLAH! So, that’s whats going on. Just trying to make the best of it and take one day at a time lol.

Pray for us. Thanks.

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