Trying Times in Thirty-Five

  • Oct. 22, 2020, 8:01 p.m.
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The title of this song is appropriate for this entry. This last week has been awful to say the least. We’ve been home and nothing has really happened, but I’m just frustrated with everything that ISN’T happening right now.

So, lets see yeah, Randy got his denial from SS. So, he will be filing an appeal, again, but this time it’s for a hearing. We’re at the same point I was, but we will see how his hearing goes, and if it’s not another 2 fucking years.

I’m trying to stay positive, but I know that all this just means that come January, when the house goes up for auction, it’ll be real this time, and we won’t have anything to fall back on. So, blah. At least we have two months to worry about packing up and getting things moved over to my dads.

Le sigh.

Anywho, so we had gone out and about to get some groceries and stuff, but that’s when the car broke down, again. We were near the gas station and it started sputtering and the engine light came on. So I pulled in and Randy checked it out real quick, but didn’t really know wtf, so then puttered to Autozone. He put the little code reader on it and it said it was cylinder 6. We bought some new spark plugs and that didn’t do anything so we had to pretty much just hobble home at 25 mph because we couldn’t go any faster than that.

I think we stopped at Walmart for something and then tried to get the fuel injector from the other Autozone but people are morons and they didn’t even fucking know what he was talking about so he basically said to search for this specific thing and he found it. GAAWWDDD. But they didn’t have any in stock. That was Thursday I think. We watched football that night, la ti da.

We’ve been playing Vikings: Wolves of Midgard at night. Usually from like 11pm - 2 or 3 am lol. It’s a fun game. We play those kind of games and it a true test in our cooperation with one another because we have such different playing styles. I’m kind of a do everything I can to beat the shit out of whatever is trying to kill me. Certain characters (like my Wizard in Diablo III) I’ll play the way he does, very methodical. Same rotation of moves. I just use whats available. My attack speed isn’t the best and my character (Shieldmaden, Odin skill) uses a staff and the main attack is hand to hand with the staff, which is kind of odd, and she’s not very strong as far as armor goes, very squishy. So I tend to hang back and shoot them with my other spells, but like i said, they’re slow lol. 5 seconds doesn’t seem like a long time until you’ve got a giant demon bearing down on you LOL.

But it’s been awesome. I think we just hit level 22.

I still don’t have an answer as to when I’ll be getting into the infusion clinic and since we just fixed the car today, I wasn’t able to get my sample of Actemra, so it’ll be even later. UUGGGGHHH.

Uhhhmmmm what else. Ohhh yeah. I don’t know if any of you remember Randy’s ex Jamie that he used to talk all kinds of shit about me to her. Anyway, so Randy has been feeling really down with all of this stuff happening. Like REALLY down. Breaking down and crying down. He’s getting into a therapist as soon as they can match him with one, but it’s just been bad.

So it was just fucking stupid really how all of this went down. So he had posted a few things about how he didn’t feel like himself and he was in a dark place and whatnot. Then out of the blue he posted a thing that said something along the lines of still going to watch rudolph the red nosed reindeer, charlie brown christmas and listen to baby it’s cold outside, yada yada yada. That’s it.

Then two of his friends, Jamie being one, just started in on him about how that’s very misogynistic and close-minded and whatnot. So he just said that he had his own opinion and that’s it. Well they just kept on. Then he deleted the post because he was like yeah i don’t need this.

Well she messages him saying “you’re pathetic” and he asks her to stop because his mental health isn’t the greatest and he was feeling like he didn’t want to be here anymore. No, she replied that he needed to grow up and stop expecting everyone to help him all the time.

So he finally said, well you’re a bitch and have always been toxic, and then blocked her. GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE. I have been done with her in his life for a couple years now. But yeah, not my decision, glad he finally made it. The other chick he just deleted. LOL. He said “i don’t even know why I was friends with C.” And i just said “probably the same reason you were friends with a lot of those females” LOL. He just kinda said “yeah…”.

Anyway, so we didn’t do anything else the rest of the weekend because we couldn’t go anywhere. So, we watched football, played video games and just smoked a bunch of weed as usual.

We put the baby boys into the cage with the big boys last night. They had some screaming matches (read: rizzo screamed at nigel and fievel screamed at hemi all night), but haven’t had any scuffles really. Nigel is being weird lol. He will come up to the front of their box that they’ve taken over, and he’ll like sort of rush it, then back off and rush it, but he’s not trying to get to them. I think he just wants in the box, but every time he moves, Rizzo SCREAMS. But they don’t do that when they explore the rest of the cage. So, I don’t know. They will get used to them. They’re both fine with Winston and Bandit, but they are smaller than Nigel and Hemi, so that might have something to do with it.

Anyway, I don’t have much else to say, hope you are all having a good week and the rest of your weekend goes well. Take care.

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