SJW Derangement in Politics

  • Oct. 19, 2020, 2:29 p.m.
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I woke up to a full-on assault from a platoon of Social Justice Warriors today. My routine was not going my way and I ended up logging into my socials before my coffee hit. My mistake. In June I returned to Facebook after almost a two-year break but only to talk politics. Well, with quarantine and all I didn’t know how else to connect to people. That was also part of my decision. A local woman added me who is a Liberal and I suppose she wanted to have a different viewpoint around? I dunno. I used to comment on her posts because I wanted nuanced dialogue with others because how else is one to enrich their opinions? Whenever I comment on her posts liberals get unhinged. The Narcissism of Small Differences is the thesis that communities with adjoining territories and close relationships are especially likely to engage in feuds and mutual ridicule because of hypersensitivity to details of differentiation. A difference of opinion used to be called a disagreement but they call it hate speech. It’s actually fascism to them if you don’t submit to their ideologies. These individuals are deluded. They’re narcissists. Not all liberals. I don’t know where the good ones are but the ones I encounter are pathological. They try and manipulate reality through perception, thoughts and bias etc so that one outcome can only exist. They believe that their current knowledge is perfectly sufficient for everyone else to outline what is good. They must also believe that reality would be unbearable if it was left to its own devices. What I assume is that they don’t want to face a reality in which they might be the baddies in their made-up hero story. They use all of the narcissist tools to try and maintain their narrative. Whatever that narrative may be. That is a satan level of pride to believe that what they know is all that needs to be known. My messy diatribe here is just about how they omit facts and reason and take things out of context to assemble a completely new narrative for themselves. Then assault me for it and tell me that it is my fault for their behaviour. You know, narcissism.

They oversimplify and falsify their ideologies to adopt a single axiom. Patriarchy is bad or whatever else. It’s always a simple idea that they filter everything through. They insist narrowly that everything can be explained through that filter because they believe, narcissistically, that everything can be fixed if they had the power and held the control. They denounce truth as insufficient and the honest man as self-deluded. This is narcissism. I stopped engaging because we all know that there is no winning when one interacts with a narcissist. It is only worth debating a leftist when there is an audience. It’s about swaying others, not the leftist. They will attack me, my character and morality and never the argument. They will victim signal or virtue signal and try and pass that off as a form of argument. It’s insane and that is why the majority is silent. I presume. These are not mentally stable people. It is not natural to be unable to process more than one viewpoint.

The assault I received was because I responded to an article that someone posted about Joe Biden being a champion for trans rights. When it comes to children, I’ll speak up. That article she posted was in response to a question that a woman asked Biden at his Town Hall. The question was if he would allow her 8-year-old to transition. I added that context to her post because it was not in the article. I simply stated that his pledge is to allow children to transition long before their sexual development. I was, of course, demanded to provide proof. I don’t have the liberal privilege of never having to source my opinions. It was a three-minute clip that I provided which was exactly what I said it was. The question and the answer. Naturally, I had to add the issues that trans activists like to ignore. We’re talking about chemically sterilizing children, parents losing custody for denying them cross-sex hormones and irreversible surgeries. California has transactivists trying to allow teachers to let kids leave campus to get cross-sex hormones behind their parents back. Any psychological step has been relabeled conversion therapy. This has been a silent women’s health crisis that has been disproportionately affecting teenagers and nobody is able to stop it because it’s “discrimination”. There is no platform for women who are left sterile and without breasts who got treatments for gender dysphoria when they were kids when they didn’t even have dysphoria. These facts were rejected and it was spun into me pushing transphobia and spitting hate speech. The boomers also seem to love that laughing emoji. Liberal boomers on social media man. That’s a whole different can of worms. Anyway, I was a bully for presenting something different. They eviscerated me and called me a litany of names and told me to shut up and all that non-bullying and non-hate speech stuff. I don’t have the liberal privilege of getting to maintain double standards. They spun me into a supervillain so they can virtue and victim signal to maintain their sainthood complex and of course, to ensure that everything is Trump’s fault. It’s not worth it for me to respond but trans rights and issues are not all that exists. First of all, I don’t care what adults do to their bodies and or how they decide to treat their dysphoria but what we have today is children treating dysphoria without being diagnosed with dysphoria. This is a child’s health issue, a women’s health crisis and this is also a parent’s rights issue. All in the name of a radicalized trans identity. I’m not anti-trans but what trans activists did was redefine gender and even redefined the trans definition and identity. Not all trans individuals agree with this new world order either because they recognize how it has become dangerous. I can’t be willfully ignorant and pretend that this doesn’t hurt and harm people. Hormones and gender-reassignment surgery is supposed to be treatments for gender dysphoria. It’s been a free for all and the damage is irreversible should a child grow up and realize that they made a mistake. There is no platform for those who de-transitioned. These libtards want to pretend that these issues do not exist because they do not know how to think. Thought is not the self-critical part of your inner monologue. Thought is when you process multiple sets of data and information to synthesize an opinion. These libtards are failing to think. They just react, viscerally, to protect their delusions. Blah, ok. Rant over.

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