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  • Oct. 16, 2020, 12:42 p.m.
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I can breathe. I have the house to myself for the day. I have a lot to sort out today and I don’t have to feel any dread while doing it. It’s the small things…

I haven’t exercised in over a week. I haven’t showered in two days and I’ve barely eaten a thing. I’m single, unemployed and I live in my sister’s basement. Soon to be couch surfing. I’m one crack addiction away from being premium dating material in Winnipeg. Speaking of dating material, when the gay lord said let there be rainbow and before he created Adam and Steve he built gay paradise on earth. I am going to create an environment that is so toxic he said. lol, that environment is the dating scene. It’s a place where a man can be openly racist, a place where misogyny is tolerated, body shaming is acceptable behaviour, sexual harassment is normalized and addiction has no stigma. When George Floyd died, Grindr made the groundbreaking move and removed the race filter. No, the race filter was not a camera filter of cultural appropriation. Cultural/gender appropriation is okay so long as your drag queen. You had the ability to filter out people by their race. No fat fem or Asian and sugar and spice, not chocolate and rice were perfectly acceptable statements to put on your profile without having to worry about cancel culture. I’m not into natives but you’re cute was my favourite pickup line. Like what an honour to be an exception lol. Rejecting 87 genders is like the only sin in LGBT right now. I don’t know what LGBT is like nowadays but I know they call it homophobic when their behaviour and wardrobes at their pride events are called out for not being kid-friendly. In Sao Paulo, the mayor had a perfectly reasonable reaction to a man getting a golden shower on a parade float in front of his children. How dare you was the reaction to his “overreaction”. Then the usual list of how horrible gays were treated in the past and that mayor ended being the bad guy in that story. You know how social justice warriors go. It’s textbook narcissism. Maybe the gay scene is nothing like this anymore but I think of all the social justice warriors and the social justice issues that they have and I theorize that they are projecting those issues on the rest of the world when it is rampant within their own little culture. Of course, it all exists in the rest of the world too but it was the worst when I was in the gay scene. Man, this is why gays hate me. self-hating kween they would say, I think? It’s with us or against us. That is the result of the narcissism of small differences. People go tribal.

I don’t really have much to say, I’m just used to writing when I drink my coffee. I never really fit in the gay scene. Same-attraction is not an identity, of course, I did become a character in my twenties. I was yas queen, JVN realness until I realized how fake I was. I’m told that I am judgemental because I was always open about how debauchery and degeneracy is not a lifestyle for me. I get how hard some people had it growing up and coming out. They turn to a community to be accepted. Especially trans youth but they get cancelled and spit out real fast if they say or RT the wrong thing. I did make some friends but I’m not very liked. Speaking of which, the only gay-friend that I have left is who I am visiting tomorrow. I suspect that he will want to get into a political debate which is not really worth it for me. Debating with a liberal one on one is not worth it. Ok, I’m done with my coffee.

gattaca October 16, 2020

Are we up to 87 genders now? I thought it was 58. I can’t keep up.

TommyGnosis gattaca ⋅ October 16, 2020

It's in the 90s so we're better than 90+ genders now, allegedly.

Evelyn October 16, 2020 (edited October 16, 2020)


Your story sounds similar to Blaire White(youtuber) She doesn't fit into the narrative so she is harrassed and threatened, from mostly other LGBT members. How awful!

What I dont get is this identity and being a victim becomes all those people are about.. Maybe because they'd be an absolute boring buzzkill if they didn't have that.. Sadly, I've only known of 2 gay people who didn't make their whole selves about being gay. You're number 3.. if I understand the entry right.

TommyGnosis Evelyn ⋅ October 16, 2020

You did understand me correctly. I don't agree to believe that we are genders, we have genders. We are not sexualities we have sexualities and so on and so forth. What you described, regarding victim mentality, is covert narcissism. I used to possess that identity and mentality but I unlearned them. I can't understand why I like Blaire White so much. She doesn't seem like someone who would be smart or have together some good political arguments but there she goes. Her war with Jessica Yaniv, hilarious! Jessica is STILL being prosecuted in Canada for that taser! Keeps assaulting reporters with her mother also! man.

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