Chains in Politics

  • Oct. 16, 2020, 1:40 a.m.
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I am getting frustrated about the lack of indictments and arrests regarding the Democrat party. William Bar what are you waiting for? When Amy Coney Barrett gets confirmed and Trump secures the Supreme Court is that when Trump plays his cards? He’s proven to be a man of his word but I am waiting for him to drain the mother fucking swamp already. I am assuming there is a card up his sleeve. There has to be. The left is insane. To insanity and beyond. Get Biden disqualified and leave the Dems insufficient time to campaign with a new candidate. They refused to let Trump postpone the election, they made their bed. Then have Hilary, Obama and Biden officially indicted. Then for good measure remove Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house, she does not have the mental capacity to continue her role. Not just because of her stage 5 Trump Derangement Syndrome but because she is unhinged and would rather let people starve and burn than accept help from Trump. Then muzzle AOC and send Ilhan Omar back to Somalia with her brother-husband for shits and giggles. Corner these socialists Mr. President and squash them. The world needs America strong to stand up against China. We need a suicide squad of countries to take on China when that time comes. Trump’s battleships are being denounced by China as we speak that is situated between China and Taiwan. US troops are also at the Indian border and a military presence is also being sent to Australia. Communist China wants to end democracy and our swampy governments have been selling us out. Trump is the only man for the job right now.

If the Dems win they will pack the supreme court and end the filibuster. They don’t want any friction when they pour communism into America. They want to get rid of the electoral college because the popular vote is easy thanks to having big tech and the mainstream media helping push their propaganda. They want open borders and to give Peurto Rico statehood. They are nothing without the black vote, they cannot win without the black vote and the black population has stagnated because of planned parenthood. They want the Latin vote. The Democrats have shown their teeth and they get ugly when they don’t get their way. They need to be stopped.

Once Trump has the Supreme Court will he strip Silicon Valley of their section 230 immunity? They can’t even pretend that this isn’t election interfering at this point. They locked the mother fucking White House press secretary out of her Twitter account. Then they were so bold as to lock Trump’s actual campaign team out of their Twitter accounts 19 days before an election. All to protect Biden’s image. Not one thing gets fact-checked or taken down to be verified when it is anti-Trump. Yesterday was a direct interference with an election. You respect democracy or you don’t. Just remove their protections and let them suffer the price goddammit. They’re acting like a publication and not as a forum and their propaganda efforts are not working. We’re not buying their lies and excuses. Well, the Libtards are. Let’s get some god damn consequences for the elites already. Speaking of elites, Hollywood is actually dying and the celebrities to continue to virtue signal and endorse Trump. I can’t remember which studio is filing bankruptcy, Miramax? Let’s flash forward to November and just get four more years of Trump already. Followed by four more Trumps. DT jr, Ivanka, Eri and Barron. Ok, I think I aired this out enough. Maybe I’ll fall asleep now

Neogy Titwhistle October 16, 2020

This country has never been a democracy. In the history of civilization there has never been a truly socialist country or government. China doesn't need to invade to "destroy" us. All it would need to do is to start selling T-bills and stop shipping us shoes and medicine and smart phones. Your entry sounds as if you've bought into all the talking points. I could suggest some books to read.

TommyGnosis Neogy Titwhistle ⋅ October 16, 2020

I'm open to book suggestions.

Neogy Titwhistle TommyGnosis ⋅ October 16, 2020

If you haven't read it yet, "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn would be a good start for an insight as to how things most likely really are.

TommyGnosis Neogy Titwhistle ⋅ October 16, 2020

I took a quick glance at the link, this would explain precisely how the swamp works? That's what I got out of it lol. I'll add it to my list

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