New ORTS in Postcards 4

  • Oct. 15, 2020, 6:43 p.m.
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• I have no idea what made me look inside our old washing machine when it was operating, but I did. The center agitator was going up and down gently but not turning. The repair person will be here tomorrow. It’s been a good machine. It hasn’t broken down once in 26 years. If the repair is below the cost of a new one, we will do it.
• We splurged last night and did take out from a favorite eatery Point Loma Seafood. You would have laughed at me trying to eat this too hearty fish sandwich. The giant fresh bread couldn’t hold the fish hunks in place. They kept slipping to the bottom of the two slices. What a struggle. George’s bread behaved.
• Imagine an evening with the sun shining golden rays on buildings. Imagine ships and boats moving by us on the bay. We are saving lots of money eating at home every day, but that’s no reason we can’t have picnics by the bay often with our own cooked dinners.

Himself: Did all sorts of small things including an appointment to fix the washer and ordered the fixes for the leaking shower. door. Imagine HD didn’t have the parts we needed.
• Myself: Showered, and laundered.
• Reading: Elizabeth Cadell…soothing stuff.
• Photo: The auto transport MORNING COURIER heading out to sea, and one of the new Navy ships coming in.
• Gratitude’s: Tho I felt like thick, sodden lead yesterday, today I seem fine.

Zipster October 15, 2020

Now you have me hungry and craving seafood. I love walking there on Shelter Island with all the different boats and ships passing by.

Marg October 16, 2020

I wouldn’t be able to do that with my machine - when it’s running you can’t open the door. Your last scene sounded idyllic! :)

gattaca October 17, 2020

My 15 year-old Maytag washer-dryer pair (which I bought new when I bought the Tucson house) seems to be holding up. The dryer is gas, which isn't very common anymore. I love it.

NorthernSeeker October 18, 2020

The washing machine is a good old friend.

Jinn October 19, 2020

So glad you are feeling better today,

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