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  • Oct. 13, 2020, 9:11 p.m.
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No, no you aren’t. Especially if you don’t realize that a traumatized cat is going to hade for a good week. She is a pretty tame cat but even at home where she is comfortable she resides under the bed most the time. So what she hid for 24 hrs. She didn’t eat. She didn’t potty. It was only 24 hrs. But I went and got her. I mean truly the minute she got outside she would come back home. Maybe not but probably. They wanted her to be a mouser which she would have been able to do in time. She hasn’t been a mouser here at all, just an inside cat. Since she came home they still wanted a cat so I took a kitten over. A male kitten. Females are better hunters but they get what they get. They will have to neuter him as he is only 9 weeks old now and the vet wont do it until he is 6 months. He will have been with them longer than us. If they let him out and don’t neuter him he will go out tomcattin and probably wont come back.

It was my step mom who wanted the cat. In the years she’s been in my life she has only had like one cat. She’s been married to my dad for nearly 30 years. Yeah she knows nothing. Her cousin or niece or whatever she is isn’t much better. She says she is a cat person based on the fact that she has owned, and currently owns, cats. I don’t believe any of them have owned barn cats. They are different from house cats. Just like feral cats are different. They will always have that deep inside. I hope my kitten does well over there.

My cat that lives, well lived, at her house is here with me right now. He’s not that healthy. He’s showing his age. I brought him home while she was on vacation and I’m going to keep him here. I don’t know why but my mom said she would take the momma cat that tried to go to my dad’s. My mom understands how cats are. We have had cats all my life. I mean I am a five minute walk from my mom so she will probably end up back here eventually. I plan on getting her spayed still. So we will be down a couple cats soon.

My 4 year anniversary is on Thursday. It’s been tough. But we are still together. He’s actually been spending time with friends so that is good for him. It gives me a break from him. I think it makes him happier. Which is great! I mean I’m sure it helps that he’s got more pot but whatever.

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