Health at Every Size in Politics

  • Oct. 13, 2020, 12:32 p.m.
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I like some of the messages from Health at Every Size. Such as forgetting about weight change as a goal and embracing the bodies we are in. Making good health choices to support the bodies we are in. I agree that we should all practice self-acceptance at any size. I agree that we need to end the weight stigma in healthcare. I agree that crash diets are not always healthy or sustainable. Those are all values that I want to have when I open my own wellness centre. That’s the approach I want to have as a wellness coach & nutritionist. To help people change behaviours that can lead to good health. Nobody needs a flat stomach. Of course, the obvious thing about the HAES movement is that one cannot be healthy at every size. That is my disconnect. It has grown into a dangerous myth that obesity isn’t a disease. That society has to change, not people who have obesity. Fat acceptance appears to be making another comeback at the worse possible time. Lizzo, for example, is demanding that we normalize her body in the middle of a pandemic in which people with obesity are some of the most vulnerable.

Individuals like Tess Holiday appear to be allowed to spread misinformation about health and obesity without consequence or censorship. I don’t agree with big tech censorship but what we have now are groups of men and women who are not treating their disease because we are telling them that it is normal. That’s blood I do not want on my hands. These groups have become radicalized. They call weight loss genocide. The idea of changing one’s weight is fatphobic. These groups turn on each other whenever one tries to improve their lifestyle and weight. It is likely that Tess Holiday is one day going to find herself having to make a choice. Life or death. To die morbidly obese for her fans or treat her disease and be there for her children. There are over 200 diseases that pinhead obesity and she is promoting all of them. Magazines and journalists are capitalizing on the movement which I find immoral and dangerous. In a post COVID world, health & wellness should be the new normal. Of course, that is a war on fat to the radicalized fat acceptance groups out there. A health issue became a social issue. I see 2020 through the lens of Yuri Bezmenov so it makes sense to me that way. He is a soviet trained in the art of subversion. How to destabilize a democratic society through unions, social justice and crisis to make communism feel like the desperate answer to normalize our society again. I don’t know what kind of cultural shift needs to happen here, between fat acceptance and getting healthy. I’m just observing that fat acceptance is being promoted at the worse possible time.

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