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  • Oct. 11, 2020, 6:39 p.m.
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In Gnosticism, we are in the underworld. We are spiritually dead. We are imprisoned in matter, our eternal souls were coiled and trapped inside mortal flesh by a false God who enslaved us to our appetites and desires. This false God is named Demiurge. He is the aborted son of the youngest daughter born to the true God named Sophia. She had an illicit love for her father and out of frustration she self-created. She aborted her son and that son created this imperfect world. This world is a mistake. The true God out of kindness and mercy sent Jesus to redeem humanity from the mistaken ideas created by the Demiurge. Jesus in the gospel of Thomas says I will give you what no eye has seen and what no ear has heard and what no hand has touched and what has not entered into the mind of man. That what he came to reveal to you is you. The part of you that cannot die. Consciousness, spirit, soul… whatever nomenclature you want to assign it.

Light is not light unless it has something to reflect on. Consciousness is not conscious without something to be conscious of. God is that one light, that one consciousness and God expresses itself in all beings. We are all an image of that one consciousness, that one divine light. We have witnessed birth and death countless times in this material prison. Jesus came to save us, we are our own salvation we need only find that divine spark of divinity, of God within us. It is just an eighteen-inch journey, connecting your head to your heart. Religions say that you need the church to find God. That immortality is earned. The gnostic revelation is that your essence by its very nature is immortal. Jesus was an anarchist, a libertine, he hung out with unreputable people and did the wrong things on the sabbath and rebelled against the religious authority. It’s not about rules it’s about self-discovery. He wanted his message to be bigger than the messenger.

Jesus was the son of God but called us all God’s children. God became man so that man can become God. Gnosticism is an individual journey to self-knowledge. Gnosis means self-knowledge. To know thyself is to know God. There is no shortcut to it. Jesus did not leave instructions to organize a religion. In the texts, Judas was not a betrayer. It was a sacrifice. Judas was the most enlightened of the disciples. He knew Jesus was not the son of the false God. When Constantine decided to make a fascist government with one religion. A library of gnostic texts was buried for safekeeping. These three things are not long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth. That library was discovered sixty years ago. Around 200 ad Christianity was split into two different directions. In many directions but the two biggest were the gnostics and the literalists. Neither cults identified themselves as such. In Gnosticism, Jesus was an allegory. In Alexandria, philosophers were exposed to all sorts of ideas and religions. His story was the same as Osiris, Isis and many others and the literalists did not take the teachings as allegories but as literal. The gospels that Constantine used were obviously rewritten to create a whole new concept. They did not know how to give meaning to the death of Christ. They made it about atonement. That he died for our sins. In Gnosticism, the death of Christ is just an allegory for enlightenment. Death and rebirth. It’s a similar concept to Hinduism in which we are all in a Samsara, a cycle of reincarnation and we need to achieve Nirvana to break out of that cycle to become one with the cosmos, God.

These gospels that were discovered were of course dismissed as heresy. They do not fit into the western religion that we have today. The gnostic Jesus did not want us to need the church to find god. God is within you. Actually, we are within him. I am that, I am. We are not saved by scripture we are saved by faith. Western Christianity if full of grim duties and is built around the idea of sin and atonement. We all have the capacity to be good and evil. In mysticism, there are no polarizing concepts. All is one and whole. We are in the spiritual dark ages because we have broken our realities up into polarizing concepts in which the two ends can never meet. Right and wrong, up and down etc. Those have to be unlearned to become whole and holy. The gospels that were discovered sixty years ago are around the same age as the dead sea scrolls. They cannot be dismissed so easily because if you write them off you have to write the others off. It’s just in limbo. Beliefs are just conclusions we make about things we do not know. Thus, even atheism is just another belief.

Anyway, I’ve probably butchered a lot of this. I only started to look into it lightly yesterday. It did burst my bubble when they said that Jesus was just an allegory. It felt like I lost something. Western Christianity is the one big religion that does not have room for human consciousness to expand. The gnostics were philosophers with questions and who were always seeking. Come to Church, come to God and come to Jesus and earn your immortality Christianity today. In Gnosticism, we were to find Christ within. No wonder this cult was destroyed. Gnostics were not really organized. They did have bishops, women were bishops and equals. Gnosticism is about the individual. This teaching is contemporary. It’s all over history and culture but not in western Christianity. It’s in the New Age groups but this teaching is ancient.

Anyway, I do value western Christianity because it is one of the pillars that holds up western culture. It’s one of the barriers that keep governments smaller than us. To me, in my mind, it is a shield for communism. Governments cannot become bigger than God. It’s also got a lot of great teachings in there. Religions are like treadmills, great for toning your legs and for exercise but you wouldn’t use a treadmill to go somewhere. The idea, in mysticism, is that spirituality is intrinsic to the human experience but we are all spiritually dead. The nature of our desires is to expand. We are seeds. We’re not living conscious lives and we’re suffering from it. We’re just chasing our tails. We’re chasing old love, we’re trying to have old experiences, we’re afraid of old pain etc. This cycle can only be broken by remembering who we are. However, whoever, whatever helps brings one there is a good thing. Blah lol

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