LIFE IS in Postcards 4

  • Oct. 11, 2020, 6:24 p.m.
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Bobbie suggested I try out Poetry Soup. I can do that. And did that. I also almost finished the second part of the cooking history series too. Yes, I am having fun with it.

Home: The photo is the south wall of the bedroom with its tall ceiling. Left to right is a Robert Miles Parker portrait of me in the Front and Fir kitchen…speaking of tall ceilings. Next, bottom to top, are two Edwardian water colors topped by a four by three acrylic portrait of our friend Anita Green by Don DeLlamas Next to that on the right is a Japanese print that was G’s mom’s.

We are having trouble getting reservations for the pool. Lots of 5am openings. It may be good exercise for me, but I am not getting up at that hour to get wet and cold. So we have been going once a week only. I have to find out how a scooter lady can get into the pool through that side gate designed for folks like me.

Nothing else is happening. I read. I blog or post things, and I discover new worlds online. Yesterday I found “Scrapyard Ships” on Ship Spotting. With the Covid depression sinking businesses, the beaches at Alang, Busan, Brownsville, and other worldwide sites are looking crowded. Crowded with cruise ships too.

Alang, Turkey. Copyright Reuters.

Every aspect of our world is changing rapidly. Sometimes, as ABC news tells us, the change hurts. ABC says that the cheering, uniformed audience at Trumps White House rally were paid.

Last updated October 11, 2020

Marg October 11, 2020

Oh no 5 a.m. - you can keep that! :) That second from left cruise ship is making me want to be on it right now!

Zipster October 11, 2020

I love that your house is like a gallery and that you are feature in the art. Sad about the cruise ships being scrapped.

Jinn October 13, 2020

Sometimes I am just getting to sleep at 4 AM . Pandemic hours :-) I am working on that :-)
Glad the aches and pains are gone !

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