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  • Oct. 7, 2020, 2:01 p.m.
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I wake up at decent hours but I don’t want to let go of the peace that one has when they wake up. That moment before we open our eyes and boot up. I then lay in bed for hours and waste my whole morning. The existential dread can either hit me or not hit me. I do have control of what I do with my time when I wake up and if I log into my socials it’s game over. My socials are all politics. I was flustered trying to fall asleep last night because it was reported that Trudeau has been shopping around to find a third-party to run his upcoming federal housing or isolation camps… he plans to concentrate people into camps in nine cities. Is that where sick people are going to go? I doubt it. I predict that is where people who refuse the mandatory vaccine will go. We were wondering where those missing billions went that were said to have gone toward infrastructures. Now we know. He built camps. Trudeau has no receipts for half of his spending, naturally. This is a narcissist who does not believe he can be accountable for anything. I am hoping that the Conservative party puts a halt on this. Rachael Harder from the Ethics Committee is so good at explaining what Trudeau’s policies are and how they affect Canadians. Her reach isn’t big enough. He sells his policies and agendas to the sheeple as him being a parent protecting his children and the Libiots just suck on that narrative. Like, when they watch the news at night they must be laying there begging for that narrative to be pounded into them. Deeper! Put that narrative in me! they say. I assume. The job of the news is to report a story, present something empirical about it and then let you decide for yourself. That’s not what the news is doing and the sheeple are just accepting what they’re told to think without question. Then they call the rest of us crazy and conspiracy theorists. Thinking for ourselves was always supposed to be the point in a free society. Rachael is good at explaining what it actually is that he is doing and what it is that he is saying by breaking apart Trudeau’s policies and buzzwords and doublespeak from his productions, I mean speeches. She’s been sounding the alarm for a while now about how his policies have been pushing his leadership further and further into a dictatorship. He has a clear disdain for democracy and a deep fear of the people. He won the election with a record low for the popular vote. The majority of Canadians apparently know he is a hack.

When he first shutdown parliament he tried to pass a bill that would give him full authority to spend however he pleased and it had no accountability built into it. Conservatives stopped it. Trudeau had a minority government after all. Then in response to his narratives being undermined by independent journalists and pundits online (as in not funded by him), he came up with the Digital Citizen Initiative. He has appointed himself as the arbiter of truth and he wants to dictate what information we look at, what information we talk about and he has also decided how we’re all going to interact with each other. He even wants us to require a license to report information and to create content for the public. Sidenote, Facebook just started cracking down hard again against conservative content. 10 of the top 10 most popular Facebook users happen to produce Conservative content. Content that outperforms TV ratings. This is not correcting a social dilemma, this is voter suppression. Anyway, Trudeau sells his Digital Citizen Initiative to the sheeple as protecting them from conspiracies and from misinformation and from hate speech. Anyone with cerebral constitution recognizes this as propaganda control and Orwellian. The top general from the Canadian Forces had to shut Trudeau down because he was using our military to spy on us. They were tasked with tracking his opposition and were tasked with controlling the narrative by censoring all information that undermined the narrative that he was giving the news. The memo literally read to control the information. This was recognized as a propaganda effort and so it was shut down. We are a free society, we’re allowed to look at information and decide for ourselves what we want to think and Trudeau continues to show his complete disdain for democracy. Also, his Libiots have been conditioned like Pavlov’s dog to not look at anything when they hear it called conspiracy.

Rachael continues to try and hold Trudeau accountable for laundering money. His third big ethics violation. The first ethics violation was getting caught accepting gifts from lobbyists. The second violation was telling one of his ministers to go easy on his buddies who were caught bribing businesses in other countries. She didn’t, he demoted her and he also passed a bill that will allow companies to not have to be responsible for anything their employees do. Now the day before he was to submit documents to the Ethics Committee after getting caught laundering money through a charity he reset the government and gave himself a clean slate. He promises to return with some good leadership but he returned a full-send climate change activist and gives no fucks about anyone who will be left behind while he fights climate change and pursues his globalist agenda. He’s spending money we don’t have and he is refusing to produce receipts and is always fighting against having to provide transparency. He’s even trying to end parliament debates. He does not want parliament debates. Again, he does not want democracy. He’s labelled anyone who doesn’t agree with his activism and weak agendas an alt-right extremist radical and, of course, any information that did not come from him is what? Conspiracy and misinformation. It’s obvious where the money is coming from… what country invests in infrastructures all over the globe in their plan to dominate the world? China. The Liberal party will only praise China because all of their talking points come from China. The Globe & Mail is literally printing Chinese propaganda from actual propaganda companies in China about how great their air is now. O’Toole in his first speech denounced everything China. It was a big deal. Only Trump and India appear to be standing up to China. I don’t want to learn Mandarin so Trump needs to win. Then we have four more Trumps to keep the train going and to keep commies out of office. The world is safest when America is strong and we’re going to need a suicide squad of nations to beat China when that time comes.

The mail-in ballots in the US have me so nervous. MSM won’t report it but a post-office was broken into and ballots were stolen. Ilhan Omar’s goons were caught ballot harvesting. They recorded themselves doing it, fools. Trump ballots were found opened and cast aside in mail-rooms. Thousands in a ditch. In Chicago, a bust was just made and they found 20, 000 fake IDs and license plates that were smuggled in from China in an attempt to commit voter fraud. That’s just 20k, they believe millions have already made it in. Trump is banning all registered commies from entering America now. I can only hope that his third scoop gets confirmed in time so the Dems don’t have control of the final say should a miscount require the Supreme Court to elect a president. It’s literally socialism or Trump. Anyone politically literate knows that socialism does not work. After his recreation of a Passover weekend, he seems to be hellbent on winning this election. He just permitted the declassification of all documents regarding the Clinton Cartel and their scandal that is not being reported. You can look at the documents yourself and see that Hillary staged the Russian hoax to distract people from her E-mail scandal. The DNC are all buying liability insurance because the jig is up. Of course, if it doesn’t filter down through mainstream media it is not happening… right? Mainstream Media is not biased at all.

Ok, I’m done my coffee. Speaking of Rachael Harder, she just posted her response to Trudeau’s fake throne speech. Accomplished women that are conservative are somehow never supported by feminists. What’s up with that? I’m not a post-modern feminist but like, the way Kayleigh McEnany gets treated by Jim Acosta, for example, should enrage feminists. No? Do you not wear a mask because it would displease your president? Like wow buddy! Kayleigh is an accomplished woman who is not being subservient to a man. Blah

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