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  • Oct. 6, 2020, 9:32 p.m.
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Today I think I feel a bit lonely. I’m missing friends that are gone, I guess long gone. I had to go into my husband’s work today to do a blood draw. I used to work there. I saw a couple familiar people. The guy taking my blood reminded me of a friend from there. I haven’t talked to that friend in what, four years. Since shortly after I got married. I’ve been blocked from his facebook but through some sleuthing found he is now married. I felt like he was moving too fast when they moved in together just like 3 months after meeting. But whatever. I miss him and our talks.

Another one of my friends had a birthday this past week. I sent him a birthday wish with no response. Granted I saw he has no phone right now so that explains it. I don’t know what I miss about him but I do miss him.

I miss the me I used to be. I used to be fun loving. I feel boring now. I do nothing too exciting. My husband has changed me. Through his getting mad at me because I talked to my friends, yes the two previously mentioned. He got mad at me for talking to anyone really but especially the opposite sex. Not like I was going to leave him for either of them but whatever. I need to get me back to some extent.

I can go on and on about all the people I miss. I wonder if they miss me. Maybe one of these days I’ll write about them all, but I doubt it.

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