White Fragility is a Cult Manual in Politics

  • Oct. 6, 2020, 8:01 p.m.
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I am trying to be cordial in my interactions with SJW’s about White Fragility in my empath group. It’s not as easy as I thought. That book is a cult manual. That is the best description I’ve heard said about it. I said that it was egregiously racist toward white people. She said that it is not racist to call out white supremacy. This interaction started when I summed up a ridiculous statement to be Straight White Man = Bad. The statement I responded to was by a professor named Sunny Singh. She said “I get regular invites to debate on various platforms. I always say no. Because debate is an imperialist capitalist white supremacist cis heteropatriarchal technique that transforms a potential exchange of knowledge into a tool of exclusion & oppression.” I am being told that I need to read White Fragility because I don’t understand my own racism. Last I checked I live in a country that legally has me registered as separate from the rest of the country but I’m not even going to dignifiy the accusation that I’m racist by bringing up my own ethnicity. That’s not the point. Calling somebody racist is not a legitmate form of argument anyway.

White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism is the full title of the book. I will agree that it is not easy for white people to discuss racism but I draw the line there. It’s also why I will use my alleged “liberal privilege” and call out racism against white people when I see it. (My “liberal privilege”is just ranking high enough on the oppression wheel to be allowed to have an opinion, barely.) The author redefines racism. It used to be when a person treated you differently because of your race but now it is something that has been baked into society and exists in the air when literally there is legislation all over America preventing redlining of all kinds. According to this author. Also according to this auther, the following is now considered racism and white supremacy:
-Believing in individualism is racist.
-Believing in personal responsibility is racist.
-Teaching your kids to treat everybody the same is racist.
-Not believing that race is the sole reason for all inequality of outcomes is racist.
-White people identifying themselves as anything other than white or racist is racist.
-Being “colour-blind” to a person’s race is racist. (MLK’s dream is dead on arrival here)
-People of colour have no autonomy or agency and require woke white people to save them.

Thomas Sowell compares us all to Pavlov’s dog. We’ve all been conditioned to react a certain way to the word racist. He’s not wrong. Whatever the individual’s reaction is, it was a conditioned response. Anyway, more outrageous assertions include white women crying around black men is white supremacy because it makes black men feel that they will be lynched. Black men tending to a crying white woman is the result of being conditioned to sexism and white supremacy. She also makes the insane assertion that racism adapted to a more sinister version than what it was with Jim Crow… This is all insane! I don’t agree to believe that being born white is the new original sin. This is a dangerous myth and a dangerous conspiracy in western society. Neo-Marxism is so dangerous. It is used to give a group of people that feel looked down on identity, some pride and someone to blame. In the name of social justice, this ideology killed 6 million in Germany. 20 million in Russia and 40 million in China. This ideology is currently burning, looting and murdering people in the streets of America. This book attacks people’s inborn identities. Is it not child abuse to teach a child that they are victims? To teach others to denounce and hate their inborn identities? White Fragility and Critical Race Theory is actual racism. All you need to do is flip the races around and if it feels like it is wrong that’s because it is wrong. It’s a divisive indoctrination that appears to be very effective. It is strong among anti-Trumpers who honestly believe that their country is in the middle of a holocaust right now which fully misrepresentative of reality. Rhetoric is not a substitute for reality.

I called what the professor said narcissism. That is the disconnect we’re having. The SJWs see the professor as somebody who is frustrated with the patriarchy and I see someone campaigning to get sympathy and special attention. Click Here To Read The Study That Backs Up My Claim. Covert narcissism is what the whole empath group is about so I thought that they would see it but they’re stuck wearing the lens of race and apparently believe in the patriarchy. One of them even referenced the leftist motto live your truth. Truth is truth and feelings are not facts. My optics are vastly different, obviously.

My Message to the Empath Group (Yes, this is about to get estoteric.)
Constellations do not exist in the sky as constellations. Constellations only exist in our concepts. Most of what is in our lives exist only in our concepts. We all agree to believe them. The nature of our desire is expansion. That longing we all feel and try to fix with outside stuff and people is just a need to expand. To become bigger than we are. One major thing that is holding us back is our identities. We can’t be anything more than what we identify ourselves as. We are not genders we have genders. We are not ethnicities we have ethnicities. We are not sexualities we have sexualities. We are not political or religious beliefs we have political and religious beliefs etc. We reflect back what we think society says we are. “I am not who you think I am; I am not who I think I am; I am who you think I am” - Thomas Cooley. We’re just a perception of a perception. Once you identify as something you are not you make life burdensome because you set boundaries on yourself. When you need water you feel thirsty, when you need food you feel hungry and when you need to grow you feel? Stuck. Identity is a boundary that creates burdens. You can participate in your identities but you don’t have to belong to them. No boundary no burden. We have forgotten who we are. We are all simply just a human consciousness having a temporary human experience. We need to unlearn our identities to expand our consciousness and become who we truly are. Society, through culture and education, taught us that we are all separate. We are not. Society tried to bury us but they forgot that we are seeds. In my mind, the role of a lightworker is to bring others to enlightenment. To help others learn to live a conscious life and we are to dispel darkness by shedding light on everything. An empath can see deeper into the darkness because we have the gift to touch it. To me, the Heyoka is the only one who can reflect it back and bring all of the dense energies to the surface to be processed. To induce enlightenment. That’s what we add to the world. That’s how we heal, we don’t make people comfortable we make people whole by breaking down the limiting beliefs that are in the way. It’s destructive and painful but that’s how you heal. To me, right now the world is fractured. We created concepts with contrasts and polarities that can never meet (ie good and evil) and we have to tear them down to make everything whole again so that humanity can expand its consciousness. Within our sphere of influence, we don’t make people comfortable we make people great. We make them whole and holy like ourselves. Personally, my foot is always in my mouth because I will say what’s not supposed to be said. “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” - Jiddu Krishamurti

lifestartedat32 October 06, 2020

You ever been followed by store security? Pulled over by the police for not wearing a seat belt? Check by game wardens while fishing more than once a year? not offered job because of your race? Have to explain to every stranger you meet what your ethnicity is? Just wonder.

TommyGnosis lifestartedat32 ⋅ October 06, 2020

Yes. It's not my fault or the store's fault that most of the crime in those areas are committed by people who look like me. I want everyone to be pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt. I did not resist arrest when I was arrested because I matched a description of someone who robbed a store. I was rejected by a talent agency because there was not a high demand for my ethnic group. I have to explain my ethnicity all the time.

lifestartedat32 TommyGnosis ⋅ October 06, 2020

Sounds like we’re on the same team.

TommyGnosis lifestartedat32 ⋅ October 07, 2020

lol, uh oh what time we playing on? What's the score?

lifestartedat32 TommyGnosis ⋅ October 08, 2020 (edited October 08, 2020)


We're up, but POC lose even if were up in points.

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