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  • Oct. 3, 2020, 10:38 p.m.
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So in this wonderful country (and right now thats a lie, this country isn’t wonderful) The big dumb wet president (from here on out known as Bdwp has transmitted covid-19.

Call me heartless but I have no sympathy. Here is why.
Bdwp has shown no remorse to these people: Prisoners of wars, Puerto ricans, people in blue states who’s land is burning, gold star families, a sick HRC in 2016 (which NGL I completely forgot about until a clip showed up),200,000 people that have already passed due to all this thats happening, alongside science denial and not putting on a mask (its freaking simple, put a mask on, it doesn’t hurt or lose oxygen or whatever) plus everything that has happened to undocumented children, and the non denunciation of white supremacy and the proud boys movement. (fun fact, I got into not one but two arguments on a local facebook news/gossip page asking them to denounce white supremacy, and all i got was a very weak denunciation and so many deflections i could be an NFL cornerback (BUT what about antifa or BLM and blah blah blah), not only that the Bdwp is 400million in forking debt and the whole tax thing, plus now it looks like he went to a fundraiser after knowing he had covid and spread from there, and ahh he is a big dumb wet president. I plan on voting for biden (Not my first choice, or my second but a good solid third choice, I have no problems with him)

btw yes, Black lives matters, Trans lives matter, there is no such thing as blue lives, Antifa should be a default on all society, cause we had a big war over this, this is not for argument. If you dont agree with this go away.

In other news. My personal feeling on a scale of 1-10 i’m at a 3 at the moment. Better than I have been. And now there are freaking covid cases in the NFL and I really hope they contain the situation soon, cause as we all know i love me pro football and I hope for the people that have the virus a speedy recovery because they entertain me and i always say grown men colliding into each other for my entertainment they need the best treatment.

My kitties are okay, Boots is right next to me as i type this, Hes becoming an old man cat. The gotcha day was on tuesday, my beasties. Boots is 11 or 12(!) and macaroni is about 6. I don’t know what i’d do without them.

The only good night is Tuesday nights TBH, thats the only time i am consistently gaming, and if something happens like lots more cases or something where I have to hole back up I am gonna be very sad (I might of said this previous entry I dunno) cause its one of the few things that makes me sane, I really want to play Empyreal and sidereal confluence, and millennium blades. I play a game or two on friday nights but it’s not as fun TBH. Its usually me and my friend Chris and when he starts to lose it gets uncomfortable. I played a game the other night called cooper island and whoo boy that game was so much work (i dont mind games that feel like work..) BUT the output was so minimal and the points were so few it was rough. I need another play before final judgement but right now.... its not a good game.

My mental state is fragile, but its holding for now. My kitties help, football helps (dont cancel, please), gaming helps.. But everything is....... blah. I’m gonna end this with some random pictures:

Boots being cuddly cat

Macaroni being a pretty baby


I'm not gonna use the boot cleaner on boots

i think thats all for now I still am just a void and a blah.



girl in recession October 03, 2020

Cute kitties!!!

When I heard that first game getting postponed due to COVID I knew there would be more. Theyre all so close together when playing, and without a bubble like the NBA, I'm sad to say I think we'll see many more games postponed.

Deleted user October 04, 2020

I hate reading a comment someone said about the bdwp, hopefully he survived because then he can show the American people that you can get it and you can survive. Excuse me what??? This is the asshole who kept saying it was a hoax and people were dumb to follow social distancing requirements and masking orders and openly mocking those who did? The best he can do right now is admit his mistake, not try to spin it to his advantage. Ugh😡

Also, those are the cutest names for kitties. And they're both super adorable too. I'm glad they're helping you too. I have four myself and I have no idea what I'd do without them at all. They are literally my reason to keep myself alive.

LordJunon Deleted user ⋅ October 04, 2020

and apparently he hasn't taken any does of hydroxyclorine (sp) after toting it all the time.

My kitties are goobers but they are my goobers <3

Deleted user LordJunon ⋅ October 04, 2020

Yeah that pisses me off so much. I noticed my parents have been very silent on this latest development. He's like their lord and savior and they know I don't support him so any chance they get they tell me how great he is. And yes, speaking of the hydroxyclorine (Prosebox says this is the wrong spelling, but I've no idea how to spell it and Prosebox also says it's own name is spelled wrong so), my Mom had told me about it how it works like a charm, like hooo boy, mum.

Catleesi October 05, 2020

I'm sorry you are having a hard time mentally, it's great you have cute kitties to be your service animals <3 You must always boop the snoot!

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