Social Media Diet in These Foolish Things

  • Oct. 1, 2020, 10:21 a.m.
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Happy October everyone! Today is the start of my birthday month, and to kick it off, I have decided to go on a social media diet. I don’t know how great an idea that is because I know every year I love going through all of the birthday greetings on Facebook and such, but…I feel like I needed to do this based on a couple of things.

First, the debate threw me for a loop, and of course I spent a lot of time scrolling through social media to see what others thought of it as well. It had me down and feeling kind of like a loser for taking it to heart in the way that I did. And on top of that I saw posts saying things that I already know - I mean, my mind was already made up before the debate, and in fact, I’ve already voted!!

Secondly, I have been obsessing over a couple of social accounts and ruminating over some things that I’ve seen posted and I just decided that it’s time to take a break. Time to stop letting things get my goad or make me feel a certain way.

So I decided to stop letting it. And I decided to just lay off the whole thing for a month and a little more - until after my birthday and until the election is over.

This should be interesting.

It also means that I’ll probably be here more than I used to. I remember the days before social media when I was writing in Open Diary and how much it meant to spill my guts in a much more anonymous way. I think I may get that old feeling back. Maybe?

Or maybe this break will morph into something else.

Let’s see where this takes me.
Have a lovely Thursday,

pandora October 01, 2020

Yay! I’ve been off Facebook and Instagram since July 6th and I am much more balanced and productive. I hope you notice the same. I allow myself Prosebox and Pinterest still. You could post your email address on your account for people to stay in touch! Happy birthdays are nice but more meaningful when direct (I mean, people I haven’t seen since high school wish me HB every year—it’s nice but doesn’t mean much). I hope you enjoy it.

Ginger Snap pandora ⋅ October 01, 2020

Ah, that's a great idea (email address), thank you!

I'm hopeful to see a positive change in my life!

Elaine Benes October 01, 2020

Good for you! Facebook is the worst. I have blocked random friends of my friends because it would make me nuts to even see snippets of their comments. Maybe I’ll quit Facebook with you. I think insta is pretty innocuous and nonpolitical, at least the people I follow. Twitter on the other hand is where I get all my news! I follow mostly legit news accounts and journalists over there. Anyway, good for you and come here more and fill us in on everything!

Ginger Snap Elaine Benes ⋅ October 01, 2020

Yeah, FB is anxiety-inducing and IG leaves me feeling weird and empty sometimes. I get on Twitter when I want to see what's happening in real time (hence the debate stuff I was reading and posting about). Yeah, I find I'm already coming around here more to see what's going on - though I don't necessarily want to spend TOO much time here either!

girl in recession October 01, 2020

I quit FB months ago bc of pandemic BS that was being shared around. I am much happier without =)

Ginger Snap girl in recession ⋅ October 01, 2020

Yeah. I just want to try this to see if I'll feel better. I need to feel better!

bobbi01 October 01, 2020

I bet you will have so much free time!

WhatDreamsMayCome October 01, 2020

I have a FB account but I don’t use it.
I jokingly (or maybe not so much so) tell my daughters that it is evil.
More accurately all the platforms are actively compelling the emotional and irrational elements of our human nature.
A rose by any other name.
“Just say No!”

permanent daylight October 01, 2020

More PB, less FB - good for everyone I think.

I kind of feel like the main social media outlets of today might be a net-negative for our world.

plushcreep October 01, 2020

I only use FB to crosspost blogs. IG I could not live without, ha.

Marg October 02, 2020

I think that’s a very healthy decision to make. This is the only social media site I go on and I’ve never had any cause for concern in the time I’ve been on it - apart from when it was in danger of disappearing of course! :) I hope your plan goes well.

Marg October 02, 2020

Also have you watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix?

Ginger Snap Marg ⋅ October 02, 2020

No, I haven't, but I just listened to a radio segment a couple of days ago - they were talking about this documentary, how it's taken over so much of our lives!

Marg Ginger Snap ⋅ October 03, 2020

It was pretty good.

hoki October 04, 2020

Were you on OD under this name?

Jinn October 05, 2020

I do not mind FB ; but I also do not let it get to me. I like the fun parts and the bad parts I ignore or block. Actually Instagram is more annoying to me . Everything is so “ perfect” :-)

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