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  • Sept. 29, 2020, 1:18 p.m.
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The arbutus is fruiting. Now that I have identified them, I am finding them all over the place. This is the biggest oldest one I have seen here so far. When we walked on Sunday Charity wanted to show Mrs. Sherlock a turquoise ’65 Mustang with all its original parts but wasn’t sure exactly where it was. She knew what street and what side of the street but not where.

Because we were looking for the classic car we walked slowly and looked at everything else too. It was fun.

And then we found the car, much closer to home than I surmised from the description there was much oohing and aahing and comparing and talking about the clearance and Frieda and I were checking out the dense and bower like vegetation around the car and there we were under a couple of arbutus trees.

Other than finding the mystery house on the street that didn’t exist and researching it, walking with the two of them was the most fun I have had since this whole crazy mess started. They are both extroverted and will literally talk to anyone, social distancing protocols in place. And then of course having a gorgeous sleek poodle with us is always a conversation starter.

As Charity is a trained and experienced counselor and genuinely cares about others, she gifted the interaction with just the right tone and level of concern to talk about Mrs. Sherlock’s friend that died last week. It was touching.

But mostly we were observant and silly. Asking each other ridiculous questions, like if you were mayor what is the first thing you would do… and if you had to choose one word to describe yourself what would it be?

Mrs. Sherlock said “duty”, Charity said “pleasure” and I said something like “equality”, or my quest for it. Mrs. Sherlock said she would choose generous for me and I tell you my stingy close to the chest father would be astonished by that. His lack of generosity has always been a driving force in my focus on it but I have to say, my two older sisters were and are much better at it than me. It is something I need to work at.

Except when it isn’t. There are things like sharing the teachings I have been given that are a joy to share. They light me up.

This morning I had my first in person medical appointment since February. I had my hearing checked and my hearing aids updated. My hearing loss is stable and that is great. I have another 18 months on them under warranty where everything is free. I adore my audiologist and was so glad it was her I was able to see. Things, as you can imagine, in the clinic were different. So many new protocols.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at a pharmacy to get my flu shot and then Monday I am seeing my primary care provider about this weird thing happening with one of my legs. Something somewhere is pressing on a nerve. It could be in my pelvis or is my back and I am not holding out much hope that they will be able to identify the problem.

I have been able to successfully manage the sciatica in my other leg with yoga and even finally figured out, that by rolling my feet on a dog ball for a few minutes a day I could get rid of the Achilles tendon pain I was having from the stupid statins.

But this one is a puzzle and I am always telling my students to go have something looked at if it is bothering them for more than two weeks, I need to practice what I preach.

Diego is having a good day! Yay. We are going in for the oh so expensive ultrasound next week.

I signed up yesterday to do this yoga business consultancy thing with the yoga teacher I am doing the weekly teacher’s call with and his business consultant that helped him put together a nice integrated socially responsible web presence.

The whole point is to market without depending on social media but with a clear heart in these oh so corrupt times.

Never a dull moment here in retirement.

Marg September 30, 2020

Wonder what’s going on with your leg? Hope you’re able to get it looked at and get to the bottom of whatever’s happening with it. I’d never heard of the arbutus before!

mcbee September 30, 2020

I envy you your walking trips. Living in a walkable area sounds so appealing. I can walk in my suburb but it's pretty much the same thing every day. Having good company make so much difference!

J🌞DI September 30, 2020

What a lovely tree! Could you be low on potassium or magnesium?

Zipster October 01, 2020

Hurray for Diego's good day, may there be many more!
Gorgeous tree, I am going to see if it grows down here.

Jinn October 06, 2020 (edited October 06, 2020)


I will never take statins. I am firmly convinced they are as dangerous as the hyperlipidemia they treat .
I had never seen an arbutus tree. They are beautiful !

noko Jinn ⋅ October 06, 2020

It is so funny, now that I know what they are I am seeing them everywhere I go. They are sleeper beauties. :) They are more often bushes I think than trees but if they are old...

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