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  • Sept. 24, 2020, 8:57 p.m.
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So I didn’t take a break yet from online dating and there are many more men I could write about and still might, but this was tonight’s encounter. He matched with me on Bumble said I had beautiful eyes…we were really hitting it off. Topic moved into talk of affection and then beyond to questions on sex which was a turn off for me to bring up so soon, but I know you’ll say it’s 2020 don’t be a prude…anyway he says he wants openess and fun in the bedroom. I said you gotta be more specific. He wanted to lick my asshole he loves ass. I’ve never experienced that nor thought about it and said so. Then he said he liked role play and so do I accept for one and it was his favorite…daddy daughter. I get it I know it’s a thing, but I want to be treated as a woman in bed and not a child. It creeps me out…if you’re into hey go for it, but nope hard no for me. I said so and said If it’s a deal breaker I’d understand and it was but we wished each other well like adults and moved on.

still, i rise. September 25, 2020

I don’t usually mind tallying about sex early on, if it’s a genuine conversation not a pervy try to get in your pants one. Sounds like he was tasting the waters and brought it up to see where you stood on his kinks. I’ve had guys do that. They’re really into something so they ask right off the bat. Saves me from wasting my time. The DdLg (daddy Dom little girl) stuff is a hard pass.

Always Laughing still, i rise. ⋅ September 25, 2020

Yes I was ok with this conversation as well as it was clearly to see if compatible and nope we were not lol

Small Town Girl September 26, 2020

Definitely don't want to discuss sex that early on. Daddy daughter sex role playing? Hard no! Thats a bit too child molestation like for me!

Have you tried Hinge? I'm debating trying that one out.

Always Laughing Small Town Girl ⋅ September 26, 2020

Yes it's not too bad...Hinge that is.

Small Town Girl Always Laughing ⋅ September 26, 2020

A few people have told me that it has by far better quality men on it.

Jlynnaz 🌺 September 28, 2020

W.O.W. You’re definitely NOT a prude about not wanting to talk about sex right away. I mean, not on a first chat type thing. Sheesh. It’s clear what he’s in for!!!

Always Laughing Jlynnaz 🌺 ⋅ September 28, 2020

Thank you and thankfully it was a mature conversation. Most of the time it's men just trying to see if you sext with them.

Azzura September 30, 2020

Ugh men suck and you are not a prude.

I've had men try to project their sick fantasies onto me too. Porn is partially to blame. It's a sick industry.

You are absolutely right who wants to play a child when you are a grown woman?

Always Laughing Azzura ⋅ September 30, 2020


Wolfie Blitz October 21, 2020

You are not a prude just a normal woman who knows what she wants.

Always Laughing Wolfie Blitz ⋅ October 22, 2020


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