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  • Sept. 17, 2020, 2:42 p.m.
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In the last 7 days I have been outside my place for maybe a grand total of 45 minutes. 15 of those were yesterday when I ran into Charity as I was taking out my garbage. I am proud of her; she was wearing her N95 mask fully over her nose and mouth, but we still kept our distance because mine has a vent.

Welcome to Climate Change! The place where the details of protective gear become critically important.

I did hear a medical researcher from the Bay Area yesterday who specializes in the effects of air pollution say that you are okay outside with a venting N95 as long as you are not say running or biking and activating the vent by breathing hard. I guess this means no outside sex with a venting mask… just for future reference. :)

We did not get the promised rain. We still have the worst air quality on the planet. We are all becoming experts in the Air Quality Index maps. They had to add a new color for where Kes lives because their readings were off the charts. Now they are saying maybe late tonight or tomorrow, but the bigger worry is thunderstorms with attendant lightning strikes.

Our humidity is way up though and the dense sticky low-lying fog does have a dampening effect. The fires are not growing the way they were, but they are still quite active.

The heartbreak around these parts is a bit overwhelming. We adapt, but the trauma will last a lifetime for many of the affected folks.

Because of the air, we are not supposed to vacuum, use our oven or dryers, anything that vents air. Other than a low grade headache, irritated eyes and a bit of an ache in my lungs after that 15 minutes outside exchanging murder mystery titles and recommendations for detective shows yesterday otherwise I am fine.

My vegetable box was two days late, but I am still able to get regular groceries delivered.

We are all so grateful to still have our homes and that our pets are safe. My vet has finally contracted with a mail order pharmacy, so I am all set for anti-nausea drugs for the rest of the year.

When we get through this, I am going to take Diego in for the expensive ultrasound. His energy and appetite are good as well as his coat, so this is a chronic thing. Kes and Charity have already volunteered to help with transportation when we can finally get this scheduled. I still can’t go in with him, which is hard, but we’ll deal.

In a couple of weeks, I have my annual hearing test and will get my hearing aids adjusted. So far, they haven’t canceled the appointment. Kes has an appointment to get her hearing tested tomorrow, and I am most interested in how they will handle all this with the Covid-19 protocols. It is all very complicated with the masks for air quality, and masks to protect others and the way the hearing aids fit but we will figure it out.

Or we won’t.

And that is okay too.

The picture is of the historic house with no street access from above taken what seems likes ages ago but just two weeks back. Oh, I remember slogging up that intense steep hill with fondness now.

woman in the moon September 17, 2020

I love the picture. So green and shingley.

Kristi1971 September 17, 2020

I so feel for you in the land of greatest unknowns. Hugs.

Jinn September 18, 2020

I hope things improve there. I can’t even imagine how hard it is with the air being so bad.
Hoping eventually you can get the issues with Diego straightened out .

mcbee September 18, 2020

Such a terrible experience for those living in these fire zones. You always manage to keep an optimistic tone, but I know this situation is making you weary. I wish for rain, better air quality and a happy Diego going forward.

Marg September 21, 2020

Fingers crossed you get that desperately needed rain - you’re dealing with a lot inside and outside and I admire your spirit in getting through it all!

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