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  • Sept. 16, 2020, 6:11 p.m.
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If I have to quit my job to sit on my 13 year old to make her do her schoolwork, I am going to be REALLY FUCKING ANGRY.

Oh wait, I’m already pretty mad.

Last week, I started getting emails from her teachers about progress reports coming out this week and reminding us to check the school app to see if any assignments were incomplete.


So there was much discussion, with me trying to be calm and Rob saying he thinks the problem is the online school (which is not terribly well organized, though I know the teachers are doing the best they can), and then we gave her a list of all the work that had to be made up by Monday and she worked on it over the weekend and swore up and down she’d done it all.

Except she didn’t. And I’m FUCKING LIVID but still trying not to overreact.

I know life is weird and stressful right now, and there are an abundance of distractions in this house - but FFS literally all I need her to do is the damn work they give her! She only has class 4 hours a day, 4 days a week.

My son isn’t exactly rocking online school either - he’s rushed through a few tests so he could go do something more fun, and therefore his grades are definitely lower than they should be, but at least he’s not blatantly skipping stuff.

I’m not going to quit my job. Rob can work from home a day or two a week, and I only work two of their school days anyway; and I have threatened to take her to work with me so I can literally watch every single thing she does. (I would have to get permission from Boss to do that, but considering we’re in a hiring freeze and one of my coworkers just quit with barely a week’s notice I think she would let me do it.)

But holy hell, WHY can’t she just do what needs to be done?

Honor September 16, 2020

I hope she turns around quick! I think the new normal is a pain in so many ways for everyone. Being threatened with going to work with mom DEFINITELY would’ve worked for me! 😂

Calicakes September 19, 2020

Can you take her somewhere, show her an example of adults who quit school, didn't do school work, etc. You know, kinda like scared straight?

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