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  • Sept. 10, 2020, 1:34 a.m.
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Hello again interbutts.

Things are ok. I guess. On a scale of 1-10 i’m at a 5. which is… good in comparison i’m usually a 3 or 4.

I just finished another mass effect run (in what seems to be record time, a month) I’m sad its over, but i’m glad I did it. My friend burned me 3 of the books onto CD so ill be able to listen to stuff when driving. (except the author is merely okay, he says Anderson funny)

My kitties are fine, I cant believe 2 years ago I almost lost macaroni. Now hes a big ol butthead, full of love and squishiness with his foldy ears and foldy paws. Boots is boots, big, spoiled and loving in his own sense. I see some signs of aging though, I’ve seen him struggle a couple times jumping on the counters.

In other news, this house is prepared for the winter and heck the spring for meat, we got about 3 big boxes, 2 smaller boxes and a couple other bags full of steaks, pork (ick) and chicken. freezers are full, and we had to give some things to my great aunt cause if we didnt we couldn’t of fit it in the freezers, and i’m tired cause it was heavy. The reason i’m bringing this up is cause for whatever reason my mom is giving some of it to my idiot brother and he doesn’t have the space outside his refrigerator freezer (So a little bit) so this means we have to store it.. yay. But my mom messaged him asking if he made space (he knew we were getting it today and he was told ahead of time to make space) and of forking course he hasn’t so the chest freezer is near overflowing. Ugh. head forking desk.

Football starts soon, my favorite thing ever. I just hope everyone stays healthy and all that and have a good season, ending with a packers super bowl obvs. I have NFL red zone now which is awesome, i can just watch either on my iPad or compy. But its my happy place, i know football is dangerous and I know all the perils, but Its something that brings me great joy, and every year i see at least 2 memes talking about how football is awful (and probably more cause of the social things that are going on, but my opinion is that grown men who collide with each other for my amusement have every right to protest or speak out)

Board gaming is still good, and i keep an eye out on trends, and its been kind of fortunate that where I live hasn’t been hit too too bad, but if it gets awful I’ll hole back up. I dont see me going to pittsburgh in a huge gathering of at least 100 people anytime soon. Heck there are times I feel a bit anxious about going to a small group of 5-10 people.

I also have basically given up on dating. I mean.. i dont know.. i have tried and have gotten zero responses or anything, and with this whole thing thats going on its just not really gonna happen. That and everyone knows I’m self conscious as fork.

Have I mentioned that I’ve had horrible times sleeping? I wake up multiple times at night with shoulder pain and general uncomfortableness and anxiety? Ive also had some really strange and some really bad dreams (including the second worst dream I’ve ever had, and thats all i’m gonna say about that)

Star trek lower decks is fun I want to end this on a decent note, cause I have nothing else.



DevilishlyInnocent September 11, 2020


Between Books And A Song September 12, 2020

Does your brother EVER doing ANYTHING that he's supposed too??? Probably thinks someone will do it for him. I think Idiot might be too kind.

Oh I absolutely feel ya on the dating thing. It's just ... I get anxious THINKING about it. And well my dating history is .... let's just say one BAD relationship and one not so great one and meh. Plus I am SO awkward when it comes to something like that.

I think RI got lucky that our numbers weren't higher. Our numbers right now are kinda ticking up slightly but it's not as bad as March and April were. Audiobooks are great. Though the narrator does have to be good or it ruins it IMO. The woman narrating the one I'm listening to now is very good. And British aha. My favorite narrator so far is James Marsters who does the Dresden Files books.

Oh and I hear on the sleep thing too.


LordJunon Between Books And A Song ⋅ September 12, 2020

wil wheaton does RPO and armada very well, the man who narrated the reckoners series was good, and even though I think it was a massive disappointment the narrator of man in the high castle made it bearable.

My brother does things for his daughter, but most of the time when it comes to my mom i dont think he does. I gave up on him a long time ago.

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