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  • Aug. 30, 2020, 9:49 p.m.
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The second of two dates I had on Saturday. This one was for dinner on Saturday night:

Name: Mr. P.

Introduction Platform: Bumble. We wrote to each other a few times and then there was a little lull and I came back last weekend and restarted the conversation.

Age: 57

Relationship Status: Divorced twice. First marriage produced two daughters and second marriage produced another daughter (I think that’s how he told me - sometimes I get so many details I can’t quite remember). They are all older. Has a grandbaby, but doesn’t talk like she’s the only thing in his life, thankfully.

Job: Chief “Something” Officer for an analytics company based in DC. Moved to [my city] at the beginning of Covid to be closer to two of his daughters (can work from anywhere). Acts like his job is really just a hobby. This always boggles my mind.

Lives: Has rented some kind of condo type situation in a nice neighborhood - I should look in his area!

Length of Date: 3.5 hours

We Did: Dinner and drinks at a wonderful restaurant patio

He Looked: Shorter than I thought (I was wearing tall wedges, but…). Nice dress shirt and dress pants, fancy watch, slick hair, facial hair…a bit flashy.

I Looked: Same outfit as the morning date - cute, green wrap dress (short skirt), tall wedge sandals, FRESH haircut (came directly from salon…first haircut since Covid, which was super exciting to me)

Convo: We hit it off conversationally. He’s super easy to talk with and the conversation flowed and flowed and flowed. He works in the medical industry and has lots and lots of info about Covid and we had a lot of conversation about it. We also talked about our own health issues, including his prostate operation/situation earlier in the year PLUS a detached retina thing that…man, he’s got lots of stuff going on. We even touched a bit on the fact that his sex life is affected by the prostrate and I didn’t delve further but…hm.
High Point: Great conversation

Low Point: Well. I didn’t see fireworks, but I didn’t feel any super low points either.

How It Ended: It started raining! And the patio where we were sitting didn’t have a fully covered roof, so the place next door had a roof and we moved over there and had a nightcap and actually shut the place down!

Chances Are: Probable. But not 100%

Date Rating: B

bobbi01 August 30, 2020

B is better!

Marg August 31, 2020

Sounds more promising :)

Elaine Benes August 31, 2020

If his sex life has been affected by prostate surgery my guess is he’s impotent.

Athena Elaine Benes ⋅ August 31, 2020 (edited August 31, 2020)


Getting old is hard — but old penises often aren’t!

Ginger Snap Athena ⋅ August 31, 2020

Ugh. And everyone said dating would get easier. I'm sliding down the bell curve.

Ginger Snap Elaine Benes ⋅ August 31, 2020

He told me he could do it, but needs some help. I actually don't know what kind of help, though. I'm not to the point I want to find out.

Jinn September 01, 2020

He sounds kind of encouraging.

plushcreep September 02, 2020

This one is better. Yay!

I'm sensing a theme that involves tall wedges. I approve of this (though being 5'8" myself, I hope they're not too tall!)

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