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  • Aug. 31, 2020, 2:37 a.m.
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The first of two dates I had on Saturday. This one was for coffee on Saturday morning:

Name: Doc T.

Introduction Platform: Hinge. He’d just gotten on last Saturday and I think I was the first person he’s met on the platform.

Age: 49

Relationship Status: Divorced twice. First marriage produced two sons (aged 8 and 12, I think). Second marriage brought two more boys to his family, but second wife couldn’t make things work with their schedules (???). That was a REALLY long story that I couldn’t really get the whole gist of, but seemed kinds of effed up.

Job: Runs anesthesiologist group. I wonder if he knows Doc D., but I didn’t bring him up!

Lives: In a big, beautiful house in fancy neighborhood

Length of Date: 2 hours

We Did: Coffee on a patio

He Looked: Shorter than I thought (I was wearing tall wedges, but…). Casual short sleeve shirt and shorts. Nice legs. Burly…just like Doc D. Not as handsome as Doc D. Also, not as cocky as Doc D. I’m sorry, I can’t help but compare.

I Looked: Cute, green wrap dress (short skirt), tall wedge sandals, FRESH haircut (came directly from salon…first haircut since Covid, which was super exciting to me)

Convo: Y’all. I hate to say this, but I was bored to tears. Granted, I think he was nervous, but all of the other doctors I’ve dated in my recent past have been funny and charming and INTERESTING! This guy was monotone and…uuggghh. I was just like…hm??? And the reason I was so surprised by his lack of personality was because his texts were suuuuper flirty. Like, us teasing each other about our undies and such. I mean, he was nice enough, but zero personality in person. And that’s when your personality is supposed to SHINE and be showcased, right?

High Point: I mean, he’s a super nice guy (seems like) and super smart, and very successful, but I don’t know that there was even a high point. Maybe that he showed up and didn’t cancel on me? Sad, isn’t it?

Low Point: No sparks.

How It Ended: One of his sons called asking what they were going to do for lunch. We called it a date at that point. Who knows if that was his “escape”?

Chances Are: Sooo. He did ask if he could see me again, but didn’t make a date with me. I said I’d go because I didn’t know if it was just him being shy and nervous. Still have yet to make another date and I’m not sure that I want to go.

Date Rating: C-

Last updated August 31, 2020

The Thirsty Oriental August 31, 2020

Hmmm... maybe you're right about the nerves...

bobbi01 August 31, 2020

Jeez if you are bored on the first date it isn't a good sign. Maybe one more chance?

Marg August 31, 2020

Not sure I would have gone for the second one but maybe it was just nerves.

Jinn September 01, 2020

Maybe try one more time. He could just be shy.

plushcreep September 03, 2020

This just proves how much easier it is to be flirty over text. Hope your second date got a better score! Reading on...

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