1-800-BAR-NONE in Thirty-Five

  • Aug. 29, 2020, 4:48 a.m.
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In other words, “I’ve got a car!”

lol i doubt anyone remembers those commercials. hahaa but at any rate, after wednesdays fiasco with the car being a piece of shit and then having our money stolen or lost or whatever. dude claims no one else was in the truck with him, and blah blah blah.

so we ended up having the guy, Alfredo, from this little tiny dealership come out and pick us up in the car, a 2009 Dodge Journey, so we could test drive it on the way back to his office. He offered to do that so that was awesome. That whole process took about an hour. Paid for the car, got all the paperwork, then went and got the registration done, literally down the street at a check cashing place.

then we went and got food after that, stopped at walmart for a few things and then came our asses home. When we finally got home and got everything sorted out (dome lights stay on so he had to disconnect them) we came inside and were gonna smoke out of the pipe we had also just bought. He just said....”thats how buying a car should be! just another quick errand” haha. so we are excited and happy an relieved all at the same time.

we were even left with a good amount after the fact. so heck yes. we’re saving that for our anniversary trip in November. we are going to take a week or so and Randy is going to take me up to the central coast where he grew up. he told his mom that and she was like i wanna go! haha no.

so that will be fun. we have to find someone to do our roof now because we don’t have the same house insurance and don’t have the same coverage as last time with the floors so, meh. I just have to call around to see about various programs we might qualify for. blargh.

hmmmm. so we don’t really have anything else going on until next week. Randy has an appointment on wednesday with his pain dr but he still hasn’t seen anyone about his wrist and shoulder so I don’t know.

we might head down to NM labor day weekend to show my dad the car and do something maybe, but i have no idea what we could do really. haha that was pretty nonsense. I might have to make an appt with my gyno. sorry to any squeamish. lol. my cycle ended like a week ago and then last night i got a pain in my lady parts that was quite uncomfortable.

then today i had some spotting. I dunno, hopefully it’s just stress related because fuck. but I’ll keep an eye on it all.

i guess that’s about it. later.

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