• Aug. 28, 2020, 3:46 p.m.
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Yes, I realize dealerships are hurting during this pandemic. Few of us are driving, and fewer still are getting in accidents. Repair income has dwindled to nonexistance. Although Trump insists that our economy is doing wonderfully-well, I know it is it is not.

We received a notice from our Toyota dealer that we needed to come in and have our Airbag replaced. “Didn’t we just do that I said?” So we took it in.

It appears that the first time we took it in to replace the airbag, they just fixed it enough to be a temporary repair. This time was the permanent fix. They also sent us a list of other things that “they thought” needed repair or replacement. Oil: Done 4000 miles ago. Tires: The Michelins on the Toyota are only half way to their wear lines. License Plate bulbs: Now I will go check that one. They say we need two. Transmission Seal: We know that there is a solenoid in the trannie that needs replacing. If we do that, the leaky seal leak can be fixed at the same time don’t have the code for it right now, so we will go drive it enthusiastically until the engine light comes on. They mentioned another leak. None. They mentioned that we need brakes. Brakes: They are 50% right now.

They really need the over $3000.00 those repairs would generate.

We will take it to our neighborhood mechanic.

Zipster August 28, 2020

So many businesses are suffering, or sadly, disappearing. Meanwhile, the idiot in the white house labels anyone not willing to believe his lies, the Radical Left. He helps the rich who continue to profit by this pandemic and he calls that a good economy.

MageB Zipster ⋅ August 28, 2020

Every day I have more anger toward him.

Hillbilly Princess August 28, 2020


cricket_factor August 29, 2020

I got those recalls on my 2018 Corolla as well, airbags and fuel pump. Took it in and had them do the recall repairs. Now I got ANOTHER one in the mail - I have to see if this is another necessary trip...

NorthernSeeker August 31, 2020

Luckily we will not have to pay for servicing of our vehicle for some time.

Jinn September 02, 2020

It’s scary how many businesses are closing around here. With the virus people are only utilizing essential things still ( for the most part ) and ordering other things on line . I wonder how those people and their employees are going to live . I see few jobs posted on line and the average pay is $12-13.00 an hour. Who could begin to live on that ? Let alone have a place to live ? We are fortunate my husband is still working at a decent job and that I have an income. Smh . It would be a disaster otherwise and I imagine it is for many. Congress is certainly doing nothing to help .

woman in the moon September 03, 2020

The Ice Cream Truck is at the body shop today getting a dent fixed. It's a pretty truck and my son is committed to keeping it that way. The Buick's most recent deer accident didn't get fixed. And it needs a seat belt receptacle replaced. That's going to happen I believe.

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