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  • Aug. 27, 2020, 10:52 a.m.
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Wow. Where to even begin? I come here to write, read, leave notes and always get distracted.

So…where I left off. Last weekend was lovely. In fact, so lovely that I was able to see my friend, Lovely! We met over at the new house that she and her husband are building. It’s still very much under construction, but looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous, modern, luxurious place - planted in the middle of a neighborhood somewhat in transition. It’s adjacent a super fancy section of town and I see the property value on a huge upswing, but there is a ways to go. It’s a smart move (her husband is a homebuilder, so this is a money making proposition - they will sell the house in two years), but I wouldn’t want to live there right now. Or maybe I would.

Anyway. We walked the structure of the house and then went to a patio lunch that was just heavenly. Every time I go out and visit with people I’m filled with joy. I was so thrilled to be out.

I drank a skinny margarita (my drink of choice this summer, it seems) and we talked for three hours and then it was home to have a 2 ½ hour nap! Just like old brunch times, I guess! I hate it when I sleep so long on the weekend when I should be doing productive things. But whatevs. It was a good day anyway.

Then I got on the dating apps to see if I could stir up anything of interest.

I’m now lining up dates with two interesting-sounding guys that I’m looking forward to meeting:

(1) Guy in the medical data analytics business - knows a ton about Covid.
(2) Another anesthesiologist - how do I somehow connect with these guys? Remember Doc D? Ohhh, I wonder if they know each other?? This guy runs an anesthesia group.

I have #1 lined up on Saturday evening. We’re going to meet on a patio. He’s super vigilant about Covid since he sees the real numbers. He has said to me several times, “it’s a nasty pathogen you do NOT want to get.”

Speaking of which, I know two more people who’ve gotten Covid. One is a girlfriend of mine (part of my college girls group) who got it from her daughter. In fact, her whole household got it. And the other is an IT guy at work who works on all of our computers. They are all OK. Didn’t get it terribly bad except for the yucky cough, fatigue and fever. Thank goodness that’s all they have had.

I’m still going into the office because the IT guy has been quarantining and there are literally no more than four or five of us in the office at a time.

Today during lunch, I have to run back downtown to my attorney’s office to do an interview with an insurance guy about my mugging and assault. Ugh. I do not look forward to that. I guess they are trying to figure out if I’m telling the truth or whatnot? Or how much they think I should get out of the property’s insurance. Bottom line is, if I can get enough out of them to fund my breaking of my lease, I will finally be moving.

Meanwhile, the crime and violence and general shadiness of downtown has gotten so much worse. I truly believe in their cause, but the protesters have gotten angrier (yes, I understand WHY) and abusive. They now chase people down the street screaming things after them like, “PRIVILEGED WHITE BITCH!!” They are stopping traffic and hitting and banging on cars, and just generally causing a ruckus. The police won’t do anything. There is anarchy in the streets after dark when people on scooters take over and drag racers close down the entire downtown area. Thankfully, I’m always tucked away in my apartment by the time it gets dark, but what would happen if for some reason I was out when it was dark? I shudder to think.

The problem with all of this is that when an actual emergencies take place. For example, what if someone has a stroke or heart attack during a protest or when the street racers are blocking all traffic? These things are of high concern to me lately.

Ugh. Should I have just taken the whole $10K I need for my tooth and the lease break and called it a day? Probably.

But I may have another angle to get out of my lease. It’s a long story, but my building is a beautiful historical building and has a venue space for weddings and other large parties. Normally, every weekend the building is crawling with wedding guests and other party people, but the pandemic has slowed all of that down to a stop.

But all of a sudden, for some reason, the parties and events have begun again! During a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. So a couple of days ago, my apartment building office sent out a notice to inform all residents of alllll of the weddings and events taking place during September. There’s a wedding or an event every other day/night!!

I am like, no fucking WAY they are going to be able to enforce all of the restrictions that are going on in this state! Like, who is going to enforce social distancing during a wedding/reception? Who is going to ensure people are wearing masks? Who is going to ensure that no more than 2 people ride the elevator at a time?? WHO?

And why is the apartment building risking their tenants’ health?

I mean, of course I know why. $$$$

But FUCK YOU, Apartment People.

I am angry and I am asking them to let me out of my lease. Of course, they haven’t answered my emails yet.

ANYWAY, lots to do today.

Oh! I have teeth stories too, but they will have to wait. I need to get going now…

Lots of love,

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bobbi01 August 27, 2020

I really hope you can leverage you way out of the apartment one way or another. Two dates, yes girl!

Bre M August 27, 2020

Have fun on your dates. Sounds scary at night with the protesters taking over the streets. We live in a small town and have never had any issues.

Complicated Disaster August 27, 2020

I can't believe how shady your area has become! Stay safe! xx

pandora August 27, 2020

Ooh how nice to live in a historic building like that, but yuck re all the events! I hope your date goes well!!

plushcreep August 27, 2020

I think so many businesses are struggling for cash they're just throwing caution to the wind at this point. Hopefully they'll do the gracious thing and let you break your lease.

permanent daylight August 28, 2020

I hope you can get out of that place! My old building was the same sort of space, fancy wedding receptions and high school proms and all. No events have happened there since March or so, though.

Marg August 28, 2020

This is just what I thought would happen - businesses taking risks with safety rather than losing more dollars. I hope you get out of your lease one way or another!

Jinn September 01, 2020

What Infinite Ocean said :-) I hope one way or another you get out of that lease.

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