What the fucking fuck... in Thirty-Five

  • Aug. 27, 2020, 3:21 a.m.
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I am pissed to the point that I don’t even fucking care anymore. I’m so over this fucking bullshit.

So I’m out $120 and I still don’t have a fucking car. Big deal right.

Ugh. First of fucking all Randy’s dad was going to take us up casa grande (did I even giving mention randy was in an accident?ugh) to see about getting a new car. A dodge journey.

Dad ended up having a plumbing emergency.

Randy contacted a friend of his from his car group who we thought lived nearby but ended up being divorced, blah blah.

Should have been a red flag right away. We had to be in CG by 12:30 but he took almost 2 hours to get to our house because he was fucking around. Who knows what he was doing.

So we finally get going and get there. Test drive the car. Car is a piece of shit.

Listed for $5500, said it had 132k miles. Got in it and it read 142k. I look up at the corner of my side of the windshield and there’s a huge crack from the corner. Oh WTF.

There was a huge gauge in the floor under the gas pedal. We started it, sounded good. Put it in drive and it started vibrating. Randy was like uhmmmm what.

We took off onto the highway and Randy started looking at the censors. He’s like what’s up with the tires? Oh a censor is out.

What’s up with the airbag? Oh I’m not sure, the dealership said it wad was recall but we never took it in.

And the crack? Oh that happened two days ago, it got hit by a baseball.


OK, so fine fuck it, first one we saw, we will continue to shop around. Hard as fuck to do without another vehicle. And having to rely on unreliable people sucks already.

So we head back to town. Stop by the dispensary and then came home. So Randy accidently left the envelope with all the money in his glove box.

He called him to ask him to bring it back. It’s not A HUGE sum of money but it’s a lot. So, he says he’s coming back and then takes an additional hour and a half to get to the fucking house again.

So he gets here, Randy had already had words with him and so I go out and get the envelope and he leaves.

Come inside and count the money and he says there’s $100 missing. Lots of crisp new bills, so I counted it several times. $100 missing.

He tries calling him about 20 times and he doesn’t answer. So, back up to on the way home, Randy was going to give him $30 for gas, but he pretty much BEGGED for $100, and was only mildly satisfied with the $50 he got.

Ugh. No response from him at all, nothing, no denial, no acknowledgement. Fuck this fucking shit.

I’m so tired of people shitting on us. I take need to think more about what I’m doing wrong in my life that things have to be this bad for us.

I’m back to thinking we are cursed or just fucking horrible people and all this is just karma biting us in the ass.

Pardon me if I don’t fucking know for what.

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