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  • Aug. 21, 2020, 9:50 a.m.
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Okay, now today was better than Tuesday where there was nearly ZERO other people in the office. Today, teams of people came by and I got to say hello to a few of them…but then they left! This is NOT how Boss proposed it to me (again, all or nothing!), so I’m just feeling so weird about being here full time when others merely pop in and out.

If everyone’s popping in and out, I’m going to start doing the same!

In fact, I was actually out of the office all day yesterday do to a fun photo shoot with a bunch of dogs, so that was a blast! I mean, you might as well have as much fun doing what you do, right?

Yesterday I went to pick up new blood pressure meds to try since I’ve been out of whack again in the blood pressure category over the last few weeks - even on current BP meds. These new drugs were super duper expensive, and the pharmacist even asked me if I was aware of how much they were going to cost. I was like…wha? What can I do about it?

She pointed me in the direction of GoodRx (it’s an app - I’ve seen commercials for it - the woman who goes in to get Rx for her kids and can’t afford the price of the meds so she turns the kids around and is like, “see ya!” and the pharmacist says, “Wait!! Check out this app!”).

And that’s just what MY pharmacist did! This thing is legit!

So now I’m gonna leave the office in a sec to go pick up my Rx at a different pharmacy. Pain in the ass, but it will save me $90, so....worth it. Why do drug prices fluctuate so wildly from retailer to retailer? My pharmacy is CVS, but at the local grocery store, it’s NINETY dollars cheaper? It doesn’t compute.

God, that’s boring, isn’t it? It’s kinda all I got.

Except I may hang out on the roof tonight with my sweet neighbor and drink some booze. I think I’ll put together my little tequila concoction I drank at M’s the other night. That was the last time I drank (oops, except for the one glass of wine I had with my neighbor last Wednesday. I forgot!). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I’ve slowed way down on my bubbly consumption. I was starting to drink about a bottle a day (working from home did not help - I was popping a bottle during work…sometimes as early as 9am…whaaaattt?! I even pulled that old housewife trick of pouring it into a coffee mug and drinking on Zoom calls just because I could), so I looked at myself in the mirror and decided to nip that shit immediately!

When might these strange times end???

Are you watching the Democratic National Convention? I’ve tried and found myself falling asleep, but I’m watching the highlights. Tonight is the last night. I swear to God, if Biden doesn’t win I don’t know if I can live life anymore.

When might these strange times end???

Ah hell, I’m working myself into a stress ball again. Is this why my BP has gone all wacky again? Could be.

On the man front, I got a whole lot of not much. Was supposed to have a first date with a dude who lives in the burbs, but when I sent a text to confirm, he told me he thought I made other plans… so. We rescheduled for Saturday afternoon on a patio. Feeling meh.

I also connected with a dude I went out with a couple of years ago. I need to read back about him. We went out a couple of times and it ended not so great - one of those nights where we had too much alcohol and he huffed away because he was trying to get in my pants and I wasn’t there yet. Feeling meh…or nah, depending on what I find when I go back to read my entries on him.

Couple of interesting potentials on Hinge, but I keep forgetting to go back and message them. I am just so MEH about everyone! How do I break this monotony?!

I need some lovin’!

I did a bad thing and peeped SexyPant’s Facebook. He posted photos of himself with the woman he went back to after he broke up with her and he and I hung out some last year - then told me that he couldn’t communicate with me anymore. That’s fine that he told me he wouldn’t talk with me while they are together....that’s the reason he and I broke up in the first place – because he wouldn’t stop “talking” with other women!

Anyway, he’s on a beach in Florida. He posted photos of himself and the girlfriend and her grown daughters and he posted a photo of him and his nephew - all at their place in Florida. I’m guessing he bought another house or a vacation home?

Regardless, it made me feel weird. Like, fuck. He and I could have had such a GREAT life together had he not been a cheater. But listen to how stupid that sounds in writing! The bottom line is, he was a cheater with me. Regardless of how he is now, back then he was a fucker and as wonderfully as he treated me to my face, behind my back he was so fucking DISRESPECTFUL!

There. Good. I wrote that out. I don’t need to feel weird anymore. What I need to do is to BLOCK myself from ever looking at his FB again.

Alright. Enough blabbing. It’s time to end the workday and GTFO of here.

Love, love, and more love,

bobbi01 August 21, 2020

No good ever came out of ex cyber stalking. That's crazy about the meds pricing.

Ginger Snap bobbi01 ⋅ August 22, 2020

You're sooooo right about ex stalking. It's bad news.

Complicated Disaster August 21, 2020

You should 100% pop in and out of the office if that's what other people are doing! Also ROFL at the drinking bubbles from a coffee cup! Seriously though, probably best not to! xx

Ginger Snap Complicated Disaster ⋅ August 22, 2020

Right?! It was kinda fun and felt sneaky - like I was pulling the wool over everyone else's eyes - but then I realized that it was only hurting ME.

Complicated Disaster Ginger Snap ⋅ August 22, 2020

Exactly!! xx

Marg August 21, 2020

You’ve really had a rough ride this year, never mind COVID :( I hope you get your natural mojo back soon - it’s been too long!

Ginger Snap Marg ⋅ August 22, 2020

It HAS been too long! I think a road trip will do me good. Just need to figure this part out.

plushcreep August 23, 2020

I only caught bits and pieces of the DNC, but I did see Biden's acceptance speech and it moved me. I found his speech to be intimate, sincere, and inspirational. He's GOT TO win!

Jinn August 25, 2020

Blame Big Pharma, who lives to rob us.
Cyber Stalking is fine as long as you do not get caught :-)

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