So many changes in Stories to bide the time.

  • Aug. 20, 2020, 4:09 a.m.
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August 10th at 11:52 pm, we welcomed our son into the world. He was born at 9lbs 9oz, and 23 inches. My wife is a fucking warrior woman. I was so amazed to watch her, how composed she was through all of the pain, how strong she was, and how strong she continues to be afterwards.

He’s an amazing boy.
Calm and collected.
He really only cries when he’s hungry, and most of the time he just looks around, studying everything. You can already see how intelligent he is, and the depth of his old and wise soul in his eyes. I love him so much, he’s perfect.

A week after my son was born, I started my new job, which is just fucking insane right?
A new job, a new career, and a new way of working (from home) all while handling the sleep deprivation and responsibility of a newborn.

I’ve never liked anything to be easy. This suites me.

And honestly, it needed to happen when it happened. The timing is magickal, literally, I cast several spells and spoke directly to many higher dimensional beings about this.
They came through in a big way…but the price is that it all comes at once.
Sink or swim.

My wife and I both lost our jobs in March, and the federal unemployment boost ended at the end of July. I got the offer a week later.

It’s still tight though, I’m pretty much keeping the whole family afloat. Five of us. But it’s okay. It will be doable until my wife can get back to work, which should be soon we hope. She’s going to be doing some independent contracting as soon as she feels able.

And then we will be fine.

The job is really cool. I can’t go into specifics because I had to sign some NDA’s…which in itself is fucking awesome.

But I am a software engineer. Finally.
I’m working on two projects right now, writing automated testing scripts for one application that is going to actually help the world in a huge way and I feel extremely honored to be a part of it.

The second project I am doing some front end user interface stuff, which is also really cool. The project itself isn’t going to revolutionize the world or anything, but I really like doing UI work so it’s going to be fun to dive in.

So far the team is really cool. Everyone is happy and seem like they really enjoy working with one another. Our meetings have a lot of smiles and occasional laughter inbetween the serious planning and reporting.

Oh, and the pay and benefits are really nice as well…definitely not complaining.

So yeah.

New job
New son.
Happy wife.
Happy life.

That’s about it.

I guess I’ll keep you posted if anything else major happens.
I love you.
Thanks for listening.


.cherry. August 20, 2020

all great news! happy for you. good luck with all the changes 🤍

SweetMelissa August 20, 2020

Congratulations! All good stuff.

I used to stare in my son's eyes when he was a newborn and I was convinced he had a past life. You can see so much going on their eyes.

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