Incremental Adaptation in Everyday Ramblings

  • Aug. 15, 2020, 8:49 a.m.
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On Thursday I went out for a walk around the neighborhood with a cloth mask on by myself to get some exercise of course, but mostly to take some pictures so I would have something new to use in the reminder emails I send to my yoga students. There has been a big change in the angle of the light the last few weeks.

On occasion I will choose an older photo to post here but it is rare, the whole point is to create a mood, put a pin in time to when I am writing these posts and the reminders.

The practice also has a meditative quality, by looking at the world I am moving through for something to share it means I am paying attention to the world around me. Even with that, there are always new things to see.

These days I am teaching two Zoom yoga classes. Most of the activity takes place siting in a chair. We spend maybe 15 minutes of the class standing doing simple movements behind the chair. I am also giving folks the opportunity to relax back on the floor or a bed for the last 15 minutes for deep relaxation. It is very cool because no one needs to go anywhere, once relaxed the student can stay where they are.

Based on the feedback and attendance I think this is all working but I admit the limitations are frustrating for me.

Using the webcam, I have started filming a companion practice for each week’s online instruction that involves using the floor and more standing movements.

This is a lot of work, but it is also labor of love.

Everything is coordinated.

The thing is that no one is watching the recorded practices. That is okay right now because I am working on the video quality, looking at the camera, the lighting, the angle, what colors I wear etc etc. This week I am going to try using my iPhone and see how that works. I want to get the videos to look relatively professional so I can put them up on YouTube. Most Honorable and I have been talking about softboxes and lumens…

I have been teaching for 7 years now, hard to believe, and in preparing for this series I am working on now about the psoas muscle I realized that I know as much as a few of my teachers have shared in paid seminars or courses.

Cool fact about the psoas. About 40% of us have an additional muscle called the psoas minor that is vestigial. We are evolving out of having one. The minor is most helpful in both being on all fours, (rabbits have strong ones), and my favorite thing, swinging from tree branch to tree branch with the knees bent.

I have no clue if I have one. As far as I can tell it is more prevalent in White folks, so it is possible. I certainly loved the monkey bars when I was a kid.

Another challenge is to write up all this practical knowledge into a searchable format, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel say when I am teaching knees or shoulders or… Currently I have detailed notes written in notebooks and hand drawn classes.

Charity has hunkered down for the next three days in her air-conditioned apartment with the Discovery Channel and her New Yorkers as it is supposed to be scorching hot.

Mrs. Sherlock and Frieda are coming over in a couple of hours to go for an early walk around the neighborhood. Medical Grade surgical masks are becoming available here now and I just ordered a box. The cloth masks are great for a fashion statement and warmth but no fun when it is hot hot.

Then I think I will chance it when I get home and make zucchini bread with walnuts and cinnamon. A treat for later in the day snuggled up with the cats and a murder mystery. Grateful I am for the privileges I have.

We adapt. Us humans, we are good at that.

Last updated August 15, 2020

Zipster August 15, 2020

I injures my right psoas in a weight lifting accident. The full extent of the injury took a long time to manifest and when it did, it did so as back pain. Doctors just threw drugs at it, physical therapist didn't seem to have a clue. I finally got a diagnosis from a yoga/myofacial release instructor. Relief came with Feldenkries practice, and a pre-restrictor shower massage, but it stole almost 20 years of my life. The heat is awful here too.

Jinn August 17, 2020

Passionflowers . I love them. Mine are not blooming right now . They might need fertilized.
I can’t wait to see your you tube videos !

noko Jinn ⋅ August 17, 2020

Ours are just starting and we tend to be early out here. 🙂

Jinn noko ⋅ August 17, 2020

Hoping mine do bloom . My tomatoes had very few blooms . It’s been a strange year !

Marg August 22, 2020

What a pretty flower! I had never heard of that muscle but certainly loved the monkey bars as a kid too :)

ODSago August 28, 2020

I am always moved by your photography. And I had an insight reading,

"The practice also has a meditative quality, by looking at the world I am moving through for something to share it means I am paying attention to the world around me." I instantly thought reading that that is what I feel when I look for an find The Unexpected Pleasure in each day. I've always noted that the search and the recognition of that pleasure grounds me in a day and brings me forward with expectation and gratitude. So far never had a day without an unexpected pleasure.

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