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  • Aug. 10, 2020, 9:08 a.m.
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I’m officially the parent of two teenagers now. Good lord.

We celebrated last night, or at least we tried to - she wanted sushi for dinner, so I ordered Uber Eats and the delivery person dropped off the wrong order. So instead of sushi for six (the four of us, plus Rob’s sister and my friend J - Rob’s dad is in the hospital and his mom won’t come over because she’s terrified of COVID) we got Zoe’s for nine (it’s a quick service Greek restaurant) and I got a full refund from Uber Eats. Tonight I’ll pick up sushi for our dinner on my way home from work, this is like the third time Uber Eats has screwed us over in the past few months and I’m over it.

I made her a cake but it stuck to the cake pans so I turned it into a trifle. It’s a strawberry cake so I crumbled it and layered it in a trifle dish with strawberries and Cool Whip, it’s actually pretty delicious! She liked it, we had some last night and more for breakfast this morning.

Rob’s dad had to have his gallbladder removed. He’s been in the hospital since Tuesday, had the surgery yesterday (his surgeon was on call for the weekend and figured they might as well get it done since she didn’t have anything else going on), and should be coming home today. Rob’s mom will not go near a hospital (aforementioned COVID paranoia) so Rob has been the only one visiting him - which actually works out, they only allow one person to visit per day anyway. He’s taking off work early today to pick up his dad when he’s discharged and take him home.

Virtual school is set to start next Monday. S is thrilled to have no school on her birthday - usually school here starts the first week of August, so she hasn’t had her birthday off in a few years. I have to go to the middle school tomorrow to pick up her physical textbooks. The high school hasn’t said anything about physical textbooks for D, so I’m guessing his resources will be all online.

Still glad our county decided to go full virtual, especially since the neighboring county has been getting national press for suspending a kid who posted pictures of a crowded hallway on social media - and then having nine confirmed cases in the first week of classes. Nice going, Georgia!

Honor August 10, 2020

I saw that pic and was horrified! I mean, what did they expect? I’m amazed it’s county by county though. Here our school system is by province (like a statewide system). Happy birthday to your girl! Teenagers! I cannot believe it.

Calicakes August 13, 2020

That was crazy, I can't believe they can legally suspend a kid. Freedom of speech.

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