Belonging! in These Foolish Things

  • Aug. 8, 2020, 10:24 a.m.
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Good morning, PB friends! It truly feels like it’s going to be a good day today. Do you know why? I hung out with my old friend (and former boss and mentor), M last night and we drank skinny margaritas (tequila, lime juice, agave - possibly my new drink of choice?) and had a super healthy and light dinner and talked and laughed and had a wonderful time. Yes, I spent the night in her upstairs guest room again so as to not drive home sleepy with a belly full of tequila.

Thing is, spending time with human beings makes me feel alive. I know I have some introverted tendencies in that I do love my alone time - to a point. I do love time I can spend with my thoughts or going through old treasures or write in my diary or love on my dog…but there comes I time when I absolutely NEED human interaction. I used to be surprised when people would point out that I’m an extrovert because I spend a lot of time within my own brain, but clearly I have to have my peeps in order to feel alive. What is that? Is that extroversion or is it just being human?

And yes, I know I do get human time with my family on Sundays. But, there’s something to be said about a good old fashioned Girls Night complete with sleepover.

We didn’t do anything silly or scandalous. We just had an outdoor dinner and drinks and talked n M’s “Oasis”, as she calls it. We socially distanced our way inside and I had the entire upstairs to myself again (well, Martini and I did!).

And I communicated with some guys on Hinge while we talked and laughed. And I even made plans to have brunch with Karl today…so, it feels almost like a NORMAL weekend, you know?

I’m just so happy to feel some sense of belonging again. All it took was some socially distanced human face-to-face.

Note to self: keep this up! Done safely, it feels like a lifesaver and renews your spirit!

Love you much,

Jinn August 08, 2020

We are All social beings even though some also can be introverts at times. Cut off from other people involuntarily feels painful and sad . Glad you had this good time !

The Thirsty Oriental August 08, 2020


Also, that margarita sounds good. Definitely can't use the cheap tequila for that, eh?

Elaine Benes August 08, 2020

Sounds like a lovely evening!!!

permanent daylight August 08, 2020

Hooray for things that resemble the old normal. I liked the old normal :)

Marg August 09, 2020

I think we all need that human interaction regularly for our mental well being but my understanding was that an extrovert needs much more of it and gets energy from it. I’ve truly felt sorry for extroverts in these COVID times.

Florentine August 09, 2020

It's so restorative! <3

Complicated Disaster August 09, 2020

Good times! I'm (hopefully) off on a date in a bit too :) xx

bobbi01 August 09, 2020

Nothing beats spending time with someone who "gets" you. Especially if you throw in some Margaritas.

plushcreep August 09, 2020

My go-to drink is tequila, club soda, and fresh squeezed lime. Simple and delicious!

pandora plushcreep ⋅ August 12, 2020


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