Extracted and Distracted in These Foolish Things

  • Aug. 6, 2020, 3:05 p.m.
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Tooth was extracted yesterday right around this time. It went off without a hitch, except for that my blood pressure reading was uncomfortably high. I understand why my pressure would have been high because I’ve been so stressed about this situation, but we took my BP again after I’d had time to calm down and it was still high. Since my injury last year I’ve been on powerful meds to keep it normal, so this was super weird to me.

But I will say that it was way less of a big deal than I thought it was going to be… YET. There were parts of the event that I would have much rather been asleep for: the sound of my tooth cracking as the dentist pulled each root out one by one, the sound and sensation of the sutures going through my gums, the pulling. It was weird.

Dentist sent me off with Rx for lots and lots of painkillers, which was also scary. So far, I’ve only had to take 2 Tylenol extended release tabs. Like, I only felt a little pain and discomfort last night and I happened to wake up in the middle of the night thinking, hmmm…there’s ZERO pain in my mouth. And then this morning? Nothing. So, hopefully, that’s it for the painful portion.

I am still walking around with a hole in my mouth, however. I won’t get the temporary fake tooth until my follow-up, which is in a little less than three weeks, I can handle three weeks with summerteeth, but I don’t think much more.

In fact, yesterday on my way to pick up the dog from daycare (she’s doing much better, by the way!), I was driving with the top down and passed by a man who got really close to my car as I rolled by. He was trying to get into his truck that was parallel parked on the street. He was standing in such a way that he could kind of poke his head over my car (more than 6 feet away but less than 10 or 12 feet) and say something like, “It’s a really nice day today!”

I had a GIANT wad of gauze in my mouth because my no-longer-there tooth was still bleeding and I needed to keep pressure on it until it stopped. So through my gritted, wadded mouth I said, “It sure is!” and waved to the guy.

Now. This is not someone I would have taken too much notice of, so I was not too embarrassed that I was looking like I’d lost a fight. In fact, my mouth was still numb, so it had kind of a stroke-like droop to it as well!

But as traffic moved and he came up around me, he yelled out his window to me, “DO YOU HAVE A MAN??!!”

And all I could do was nod yes…because REALLY?!

I suppose there’s someone for everyone. But I don’t think I represented myself very well yesterday. I’d like someone who’s going to appreciate the fact that I’m getting a false tooth due to pure vanity so I don’t have to look droop-face, gauze-packed and bloody-mouthed any more.

Until then,

bobbi01 August 06, 2020

Yay for no pain!

J🌞DI August 06, 2020

I've had my share of dental issues. Glad it was easier than expected.

Ginger Snap J🌞DI ⋅ August 07, 2020

They are awful, aren't they?

J🌞DI Ginger Snap ⋅ August 07, 2020

Definitely. But having fillings filled with the water laser was WAY easier because then I didn't have to be numbed. Crowns are the worst.

permanent daylight August 06, 2020

When I had my wisdom teeth out, they gave me a bunch of instructions and a whole pile of pain pills, but I felt fine the next morning and never took any. Got off lucky I guess, because I do NOT have a high pain tolerance!

Ginger Snap permanent daylight ⋅ August 07, 2020

Weird, isn't it? I bet they simply had zero complications with your wisdom teeth. That's what they said to me - my extraction was totally straightforward so I had no swelling, bruising, nothing! Knock wood! It's two days later and nothing has come up.

Jinn August 07, 2020

Dang, that is awful. Glad it’s not painful.

Marg August 07, 2020

See? Sexy even on a return trip from an awful visit to the dentist - you’re an enigma!😁

Ginger Snap Marg ⋅ August 07, 2020

hahaha! But not in a good way! 🤣🤣🤣

pandora August 12, 2020

So glad Martini is okay - do they think maybe she ate something weird?

Haha, I remember getting my wisdom teeth out and running into a neighbour on the way home, smiling at them, and then realizing I had blood dripping down my chin...

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