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  • Aug. 5, 2020, 10:25 a.m.
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  1. I decided to go ahead and get the tooth implant (see previous entry for my drama about the whole thing), and today is the extraction of what’s left of my current tooth that’s broken down way under the gum. I had to go back and forth with the dentist about getting a flipper (the fake tooth that will go in the empty spot while I wait for my gums to heal). Not sure why this was even an issue, but I can’t walk around with a toothless space in my mouth. Yes, it’s in the back of my mouth, but it’s suuuuper noticeable when I smile. Maybe it’s vain of me, but I’m very self-conscious about it and I’d rather spend the extra money and have it and not need it (read: masks) than think about it constantly. The only thing I have left to do that might hinder getting my tooth extracted today is to remind my doctor that I’m on aspirin therapy because of my aneurysm. This could possibly change things, but I have a feeling that it won’t and I’ll come home this afternoon with a hole my head.

  2. My sweet Martini dog got so sick on Sunday!! She threw up about seven times in a row at my parents house when I was there for my weekly visit. And she became so lethargic and listless it freaked me out so much that I drove her the hour back to [my city] and straight to the emergency vet. Of course, there are coronavirus protocols in place so I couldn’t go inside with her. I literally waited outside the vet office for FIVE hours while they did bloodwork and administered subcutaneous fluids. It took a couple of days for her to snap out of it, but she finally seems to be back to her bubbly self. Thank GOD. I was really, really worried about her for a while and even started thinking about what would happen if she didn’t make it! Dramatic? Sure. But y’all. This is 20fucking20 - anything goes this year.

  3. The dating situation is bleak. The Foxy Silver disappeared (no surprise, we didn’t have anything in common and I wasn’t into all of his grandkid stories), and Lorenzo is a sporadic texter who hasn’t invited me on any more dates. There are a couple of Hinge dudes who don’t seem into it, and likewise. I’m not sure what to do about this. Not sure how to get back into being interested in dating. Meh. This isn’t really anything new, I suppose. Maybe it has nothing to do with Covid. I WANT to be into it, so why am I not? I guess I’m just sad that I’m alone with no signs of not being alone for a long, long, looong time. Fuck.

  4. Work continues, thankfully. If I haven’t said this enough, I’m beyond thankful to have a job during this crisis - even with being furloughed for nine weeks. I’ll take this over being unemployed - especially now when the benefits have been cut. I was lucky to benefit from the extra $600/week. All of that to say that it still doesn’t keep me from being sometimes “meh” about it. According to Boss, it appears that I’ll be going back to the office on August 17th. I’m pleased with that. As I’ve said before, I don’t really like WFH. I love having a place to go and do my job. I like that structure. I’ll be happy when I’m back in the office. There will only be a select few of us and that’s just fine with me. More on that later, I’m sure.

  5. The move has taken a back seat. I’ve just had too many financial setbacks (read: $5K+ tooth and emergencies at the vet, etc) to break my lease to the tune of several more thousand dollars. Thing is, as sucky as it is to not feel safe in this area, I feel very safe when I’m tucked inside my apartment. I am able to park directly underneath the building and can go straight to my car and take the dog to various parks to walk her. I don’t have to step foot outside on the street level, and while it’s not optimal, it will be even better when I go back to the office and can take the dog with me and we can walk at the parks close to the office where we used to walk before Covid.

  6. But the great clean-out continues! I know I talk all the time about decluttering, but I also have a storage space here in the building that holds SO MUCH STUFF. For example, I’ve moved and moved several times and I keep hauling boxes and boxes of memories with me: old love letters, photos of kids from elementary school, middle school and high school (whyyyy was I keeping these?!), old work awards, old portfolios of stuff. Just…things that have been keeping me down. I started ruthlessly tossing things that don’t spark joy for the move, but I have also found that continuing to unload all of this extra weight is making me feel better. Surrounding myself with old memories was actually bringing me down - not really sure why, but each box that’s cleaned out has been making me know that while it’s fine to look back every once in a while, to pine about the past is unhelpful. The love letters are gone (many of them were sad anyway…old shitty boyfriends trying to get back in my good graces), the pictures were too much (I took iphone photos of the ones I liked best), too many books, too many tchotchkes. I continue to toss and donate…

  7. Since I’m not moving in September, I want to take a trip in late September, maybe early October or even for my birthday at the end of October. Where should I go? And I don’t want to go alone. And of course, I don’t want to fly so it’s gonna have to be a road trip. My friend Jack told me he’d go with me, but he’s also looking at me like a wolf looks at a little lamb. He wants to have a sexytime trip, and I’m just not into a sexytime trip with him. Don’t get me wrong, love the guy like a brother…or maybe just a good friend. But I’m just not into his thing - he loves to post “sexy” stuff on socials. Like, he is totally over the top with the sexual innuendo. It would be great if I was into him because, possible boyfriend. So it’s a shame. And I don’t want to go on vacation with him. So. Now what do I do?

  8. Diet. Hm. What to say? Covid sucks and I’m puffy.

  9. Parents doing well. Brother is back to teaching school and it just started and he’s so freaked out that he’s going to get Covid that he’s left my SIL and niece at my parents’ place. I think it’s a good idea of him to quarantine - especially since he’s said that the kids don’t wear masks nor do they social distance. But this is not sustainable.

  10. Our country needs a leader. SORELY. I won’t say any more about that, but it’s incredibly important because our country is falling apart. I don’t want to leave this on a bad note, so I’ll add an 11th bullet point.

  11. Thank you, ProseBox, for providing me a place to puke all of this stuff up. I feel better writing it all out and this place is invaluable. Thank you to everybody here - noters and well-wishers and just positive thinkers. I love you more than you know. xoxox

Last updated August 05, 2020

Elaine Benes August 05, 2020

Good luck with your procedure today! I think you should definitely keep doing serious purging. You’ll be ready to move at a moment’s notice then when the time is right.

Ginger Snap Elaine Benes ⋅ August 05, 2020

Thank you! I hope all goes smoothly!

And yes, the purging is good and helps me to feel like I'm being productive.

Florentine August 05, 2020

We've got tooth stuff over here, too (my husband had a root canal and a crown and even with our dental insurance it's costing a bloody small fortune), so I am going to cross my fingers your appointment goes well today and that the ball starts rolling on keeping your gorgeous smile intact!

Tell Jack the Wolf you were thinking alone or girls' trip. I'd steer clear of that energy!

Ginger Snap Florentine ⋅ August 05, 2020

Oh man, I feel for anyone with teeth issues! Root canals are just...UGH. This implant is actually REPLACING a root canal/crown combo. So it makes me wonder if maybe root canals might not be the best thing in the world since they seem to need to be replaced eventually? But, I guess that all depends on how long you live!!

Yeah, Jack the Wolf has too much sexual energy floating around! A girls trip would be amazing. I think I'll work on that.

bobbi01 August 05, 2020

Do you think it was something Martini ingested? Scary stuff.

Complicated Disaster August 05, 2020

So many updates! I'm glad Martini is better though! Xx

permanent daylight August 05, 2020

PB, our collective feelings barf-bag haha.

It sounds like things are on the upswing in a few ways. I hope more good stuff starts bubbling up!

Jinn August 06, 2020

Glad you and Martini are both ok . Hoping your brother is safe .

Marg August 06, 2020

Oh what an ordeal for poor Martini! Thank goodness you acted quickly and so glad she’s ok - do you think she was poisoned? I’m so sorry you’ve had to put your move on hold for now - that sucks. And I’m jealous of your successful decluttering - I badly need to do some but all my shit is still sparking joy for me😁

plushcreep August 09, 2020

I'm glad to hear Martini is doing better! Saw your IG posts and I was freaking out a little bit for you.

Ginger Snap plushcreep ⋅ August 10, 2020

Thank you so much for the thoughts! It felt a little touch and go for a bit, but she's as good a new now! It was kind of a miracle.

pandora August 12, 2020

I LOVE purging and decluttering. Sometimes I box up extra glasses and mugs and put them in the basement so that our kitchen cupboards look like magazine cupboards. I mean, there's only two of us, and we're barely hosting anything these days - why do we need a set of six wine glasses right now? I've also been downsizing clothes for 2-3 years while stepping back from purchasing (I don't NOT buy anything new, but it has to be a 9-10/10 to make it into my home). It's so much easier to keep the house clean and keep things in their place.

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