Freedom isn't Free in Life After 60

  • Aug. 3, 2020, 12:36 p.m.
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Countless numbers of individuals paid the ultimate price for our freedom. And they are rapidly being taking away. America needs to wake up or we will be living in a socialist country by 2021!
Rioting in the name of PEACE? Destruction of property, private and public goes unchallenged? We can stand in line at Walmart, Lowes, and Target but not in November to vote? And you will catch Covid-19 faster in a church than any where.
Celebrity status is given to people who break the law! Certain individuals have large funerals that last for days, while others are told they can’t have a service and can’t visit their loved ones in a hospital? We have been dupped!
Chloroquine helps in the treatment of Covid-19 says some. Masks are essential. They do no good, they actually make respiratory illiness worse. Like sheep to the slaughter this attack on our freedom is a slippery slope.

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