Downtime tonight (Friday) and a note on subscriptions in Site Updates

  • July 31, 2020, 3:23 p.m.
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Hey everyone,

No, this isn’t the continuation of the rules conversation — I’ll be posting a follow up to all that in the coming days. I’m still gathering my thoughts into a digestible format.

Wanted to post a quick note about some downtime tonight. The site will be unavailable from 11PM - 1AM CST. We’re fixing issues with the entry search, as well as rolling out some security fixes. There may be some more downtime in the next week or two, I’ll keep you in the loop.

Also, a note on subscriptions.

If you signed up for an annual subscription when I first rolled them out last year, it will be automatically renewed in the next few days unless you cancel. Yes it’s been a whole year and that’s crazy.

The system should’ve sent an email a few days ago to remind you, but I wanted to call this out in an update as I know times are tough right now. If you’d like to manage your subscription, you can do that on the subscriptions page. If you have any issues, feel free to email me at

Until next time.



Last updated July 31, 2020

Jinn July 31, 2020

Thanks for the heads up . Happy Friday !

Deleted user July 31, 2020

Thank you for letting us know!💚

feels like hope July 31, 2020

Brilliant photo

stargazing July 31, 2020

Thanks for the reminder! I did not receive an email about it. :)

Soliloquy July 31, 2020

You're doing an awesome job with this site and I really appreciate it. Especially because as an outsider initially, you really didn't have to step into this place, and not only for you to do that but then be so committed to improving it, it's a level of kindness words can't describe. Thank you.

GypsyWynd July 31, 2020

Thanks for the head's up. I didn't get an email (yet).
Smooches to Mochi from Nougat.

DE_KentuckyGirl July 31, 2020

Will it auto renew? The email I use for this site, my spam one and god knows how far it's buried!

josh DE_KentuckyGirl ⋅ July 31, 2020

It will, yep. You can cancel it anytime from the subscriptions page if you'd like. Or if there are any issues, issuing a refund is easy.

Eurynomus July 31, 2020

Still would like you to enable 'Followed by', I know privacy this or that, but shouldnt we be allowed to know who follows us? I hate all these hiding options, its deceiving, has nothing to do with privacy

josh Eurynomus ⋅ July 31, 2020

That change is not currently on my roadmap for the site, and I don't anticipate it being added. From what I understand, the follow functionality has worked the way it does for many years. It's the expected behavior. Unless there's a big push from users for me to change that, it'll stay as it is today.

That said, you're welcome to start a campaign to get other people to buy in.

Eurynomus josh ⋅ July 31, 2020

Promoting deceit, wonderful

Deleted user josh ⋅ July 31, 2020

I too would like this feature. I think for a lot of people here they don't think they're being read and it would be helpful.I also think I have a right to know who's following me. I shouldn't have to resort to keeping a private or friends only journal. I realize people think this would cause drama, but that's site rules are for and also wouldn't the friend/friend of thing also cause drama?

Parallax. Deleted user ⋅ July 31, 2020

So, what's to stop someone from bookmarking your pb (in their browser), not "following" you, but still reading everything you say? That would easily bypass any attempt by Josh to allow you to see who follows you.

I get what you're saying, but the friends only option is the best way to control who reads your entries. Personally, only part of my pb is public/members only, anything sensitive that I want to keep track of is friends only.

Deleted user Parallax. ⋅ July 31, 2020

Nothing would be able to stop someone from doing that. So yes, for sensitive posts friends only would be the way to go.

On the other hand, say someone writes a lot but they don't get a lot of comments, seeing that people were following them and reading them may encourage them to continue writing.

EvequeFou Deleted user ⋅ July 31, 2020

Perhaps a more privacy-sensitive way to display that would be to show the number of followers, or the number of users who have read a given entry? Nothing about who they are, just a count.

Deleted user EvequeFou ⋅ July 31, 2020

Yeah, I think that would be kind of awesome. Like "x prosebox users enjoy following your journal".

Parallax. Deleted user ⋅ August 01, 2020

Actually, we used to use some sort of code for this on OD a million years ago! It was basically a view tracker that we would put on our diary (or each entry) that tracked IP addresses and let you know how many people had read any given post. I could definitely get behind something like that.

Parallax. EvequeFou ⋅ August 01, 2020

I just mentioned to Aloha, but we used to do this on OD. I'd definitely be on board with a visitor count or something similar.

Unexpected Error josh ⋅ August 16, 2020

I also agree with adding this as a feature. It's very common and accepted to be able to view who follows you on all other social media platforms, so I would disagree with you on the 'expected behaviour' point. PB may be a site dedicated to a legacy user base, but that doesn't mean expectations don't evolve as time goes on and other platforms evolve.

Deleted user Eurynomus ⋅ July 31, 2020

I agree with you.

love, squeezebox. July 31, 2020


ConnieK July 31, 2020 (edited July 31, 2020)


Very nice of you to let us know. Thank you.
Edit: will the renewal be automatic to our credit or debit cards? Y or N if you're busy.

josh ConnieK ⋅ July 31, 2020

Yep, it'll automatically process the card on file unless it's canceled

ConnieK josh ⋅ July 31, 2020

Great! Thanks!

Kristi1971 July 31, 2020

Thank you for the reminder. The quick link above made it easy for me to quickly update my payment as my previous card expired. And I wasn't sure when it was going to be charged. :)

J🌞DI July 31, 2020

Thanks for the heads up, though I should be asleep during these hours. 🙂

HappyMusician July 31, 2020

Thank you. I"m glad to be still subscribed! :)

Meeks July 31, 2020

Mochi is so adorable!❤️

J.E. July 31, 2020


Marg August 01, 2020

Thanks for letting us know Josh! And I can’t believe it’s been a year already but it’s been a much much nicer year (despite the world’s shenanigans) because Prosebox is still here😊

elaine2 August 01, 2020

I got part way through the subscription payment process, but the company that handles this on your behalf does not take PayPal. Very disappointing because I would like to contribute.

hoki August 01, 2020

Thanks for the speedy search fix. 😊

Mr. Mofo August 02, 2020

Mochi looks like a spy for the rebellion if you ask me.

ConnieK August 03, 2020

Hi Josh, you told me subscriptions would renew automatically but I'm getting ads on my pages.

TX Tornado ConnieK ⋅ August 05, 2020

Same, and mine did renew.

cricket_factor August 20, 2020

Can you send us an email reminder about the renewal?

hoki September 02, 2020

The entry search is broken again.

Yours For Now... hoki ⋅ September 11, 2020

Oh yeah, I’m having issues too. I was like, do I just not know how to use this??

josh Yours For Now... ⋅ September 17, 2020

Hey, sorry about the trouble. We're working on fixing it currently

Deleted user September 24, 2020

Hi, if I block somebody and then they use another journal to contact me is that against TOS?

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