Marc in Dating in 2020

  • July 29, 2020, 9:03 p.m.
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Today I met Marc online we had a great chat he said he said I hate to do this be he needed to go get sleep since he’s up at 3:30 am. I said no prb goodnight, he then blocked or unmatched me. Why not just say you’re not interested. Why lie and pretend?

I will be adding more incidents going backwards. This was just my freshest upset/disappointment.

Darkest Days, Brightest Nights July 29, 2020

His loss. I’m so sorry hun.

Always Laughing Darkest Days, Brightest Nights ⋅ July 29, 2020

thanks it wouldn't be so bad if this wasn't I'd say the 4th guy in a week?

Gonewiththebreeze July 29, 2020

What a jerk!! I’m sorry!

Always Laughing Gonewiththebreeze ⋅ July 29, 2020

thank you

Symmetry July 29, 2020

I don't know why people can't be honest.

Always Laughing Symmetry ⋅ July 30, 2020

Me either, it's been a string of one after another.

Lady of the Bann July 30, 2020

One day you will find your Prince.

Always Laughing Lady of the Bann ⋅ July 30, 2020

I hope so

Small Town Girl July 31, 2020

Ugh. What a jerk indeed. Sadly so many are incapable of being honest. Im sorry.

Confessions_of_a_love_addict August 03, 2020

I'm going through this. Ugh...I hate it!

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