The Bubble Diary in These Foolish Things

  • July 28, 2020, 8:56 p.m.
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I don’t know why, but I somehow landed on a basketball game as I crawled into bed with my laptop playing YouTube TV. Was gonna watch something mindless while I wound down from the day.

Anyway, I think it might be halftime (I’m not really paying attention), but they cut to one of the players who was wearing a GoPro camera while walking around “the bubble” where all of the NBA is staying and playing their games without the fans.

I don’t know how long this type of sports is going to go on, but I actually find it really interesting… for a while. I mean, there’s only so much behind the scenes I actually want to see. I think the BTS makes things more realistic, but I also feel like things like sports and other entertainment should be pure magic for the audience. You know, fantasy. Something that’s larger than life. This “bubble cam” and “bubble diary” stuff makes it seem like the boys next door are away at summer camp.

Again, super interesting and very down-to-earth. And fun to watch for a while.

But I can’t wait for “The Sparkle Diaries” and “The Glam Reports” and “The Shiny Reviews” again. Ha. I know that might sound much like NBA to you, but I’m all about the spectacle. The glitz and the glam and the magic of the EVENT are the only reasons I like pro sports.

Ooooh. Just thinking about how they have those cutout fans in the audience. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a Ginger Snap cut-out wearing a sequin jersey?! HAHA.

Beyond anxious for the recovery phase,

Jinn July 29, 2020

This all seems so alien .

Complicated Disaster July 29, 2020

There's going to be a lot of different coverage of sports going forward, I think. Xx

bobbi01 July 29, 2020

I think they stopped it in the UK when there were cutouts of Hitler spotted in the crowd.

Ginger Snap bobbi01 ⋅ July 29, 2020

Oh geez. Sick MFers.

plushcreep July 29, 2020

Somewhere, a forward-thinker with a cutout business is raking in the dough.

Ginger Snap plushcreep ⋅ July 29, 2020

Right?! It's pretty brilliant.

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