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  • July 26, 2020, 10:43 a.m.
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A few blocks away is an urban island that holds the school for the neighborhood built 108 years ago and a few other buildings that house our big university of natural medicine. There are a few older houses too but mostly it is the college. There are no fields or parks, it is all practical and concrete except Most Honorable and I found this locked overgrown garden on Friday next to the bright mural you see here. It will be worth going back and getting more shots.

Most Honorable brought up power tools so we could place brackets to hang my pull up bar in a doorway. I ordered one that was advertised as not needing brackets, but it turns out that was only for low to the ground exercises like a kind of sit up. I wanted this for strength building but also for spinal decompression and traction and that means the bar needs to hold my weight.

We measured and used the step ladder (with rails) and then we measured again from the top of the frame. We made tiny marks, we measured and then we installed the brackets and then the bar, we measured again and as we went back to admire our work with the door open the bar looked uneven. It is just a little and a normal person would probably not even notice the bar, let alone the unevenness…

I might add, we had the window open, the fan on and we were both wearing masks during this enterprise.

When we closed the door, which is a lovely sturdy door with square indented patterning, the bar looked fine. That was when it occurred to us simultaneously to measure up from the floor. And that was the issue, the floor is slightly sloped. Not quite in the direction I would have expected but who knew?

The bar will stay where it is.

We took a break and walked around the neighborhood. Be still my heart, Most Honorable wanted me to point out a few historical buildings and trees of note. The big hit was the gorgeous straight tulip tree in the upper park above the track. Having someone say that to a person like me with a deep abiding interest was kind of like Christmas or asking grandpa to talk about his train set!

Then we came back and spent the rest of the visit, with much feline assistance, working with lighting and shadow and camera position to get my recorded yoga classes to be a little more professional looking. My living room looks a bit like an abandoned photo shoot at this point. Recording classes and teaching Zoom classes the way I have been, are different things involving different equipment.

Yesterday Mrs. Sherlock and Frieda and I did an early six mile loop up “the hill” behind my place and it was so nice to relax and see her and have it be a social walk. We both wore our masks the whole time and there was no indoor time.

I walked with Charity on Thursday and that was also enjoyable. We walked through downtown, this was just hours after The Feds tear gassed our mayor and a bunch of moms. It is crazy what is happening here.

A judge saying that the state has no standing in terms of the right to free speech about a set of injustices that are as old as the Federal Government, itself? And the irony of that same government abandoning its responsibility to care for its citizens (and visitors) during a global pandemic and punting back to the states is rich indeed.

After a few cooler dry days, we are headed back into a stretch of intense heat and everyone is getting into the cooling in the morning, buttoning down in the afternoon routine.

I bought a new lightweight white running cap with a long protective bill and discreet vents if I do need to go out. With that and my masks I may not need to worry about age spots ever again.

Assuming I will have to wear a mask for the rest of my life, which it what it feels like here in crazy land.

It turns out the aching in my ear I was experiencing last weekend may have been a result of being out and about for hours each day, with the elastic on a mask being just slightly too tight behind the ear, piled on with the glasses and on occasion, hearing aids.

Nope, never a dull moment, who knew, wear your shoes, measure your doorway from the floor and relax your elastic band.

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Wit' or witout July 26, 2020

Or use a level . . .

noko Wit' or witout ⋅ July 26, 2020 (edited July 26, 2020)


He was going to bring his level but decided against it. :)

mcbee July 26, 2020

I actually just ordered a bunch of cloth masks, I am accepting that this is what life will be like for the forseeable future. Wearing a mask keeps me from staying anywhere very long. I just do that required shopping and straight home. I can get exercise at home in the yard and on my stationery bike. I do miss seeing the realy world though.
I am very proud of your city, they are staying strong in spite of some cruel and inhuman efforts to silence them. And unconstitutional as well. I wonder if that judge is a Trump appointee?

Marg July 27, 2020

I hadn’t even thought of the problems of hearing aids and masks - I suppose this is all such a learning curve for everyone right now. Thank goodness we can all share our ideas so easily!

Jinn August 02, 2020

My surgeon neighbor gave us clear masks that cover your entire face. I have not used mine yet but I might start . :-) I have just been using a regular tie cloth mask and it has been fine for my purposes .

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