• July 24, 2020, 1:14 a.m.
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I’ve learned a lot
just from your betrayal.
No wonder trust is expensive.

No point in calling me paranoid.
I’ve added more bricks to my wall,
learning to be more selective.

Maybe I’ve found comfort
in solitude, so I don’t fall
as easily as the once naïve me.

Your betrayal has taught
a whole lot more than what I’d like to recall.
Maybe it hasn’t been a perfect life to live.

I’m still using the same double bolts
to lock the door to my already, Isolated Castle.
Maybe I’m not ready to go out yet and give love.

I’m assembling brand new, hopefully stronger armour
to face more uncertainties in the future,
just in case I get hurt again
and no one bothers understand my pain.


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