I Love My Mom So Much! in These Foolish Things

  • July 9, 2020, 3:36 p.m.
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I just ended the cutest video chat with my little old mommy. We have been calling each other every day now since my carotid artery injury. Since the pandemic, we have been video chatting. She makes my heart melt.

So much has changed for us over the last year.

We were never close before this last year. In fact, there were times when I thought my mom hated me. I know for a fact that she was very jealous of the relationship I had with my dad. I was always a daddy’s girl.

We had such differing opinions. The most recent and the one causing the biggest rift, I believe, was the fact that she voted for Trump!! “How could you?” I asked. “You’re a WOMAN!!” She was soooooo mad at me for that comment. She defended the guy!

But over the last few weeks, she has come around. She has finally seen that Trump does not care one iota for American citizens. Not one bit! She’s been watching him daily on TV and knows the things coming out of his mouth are downright insane. She doesn’t like him anymore.

Today, on our video chat she told me that she had a dream that she cussed out Trump! She said she had no idea how she got in the Oval Office, but there she was! She said (in a whisper, getting very close to the video camera), “I called him a jerk and a jackass!”

And then she burst out laughing!!

I couldn’t help but laugh so hard that tears dribbled out the sides of my eyes.

Look, this poor, sweet woman (and my dad) have not gone anywhere since the pandemic started. Do you know what they did for their 57th wedding anniversary last month? They ordered Chinese take-out and got in the car drove to the next town over to pick it up - and THAT was their only outing since we were locked down in March.

She has every reason to be bitter and sad. But my heart just melted when she laughed so heartily and smiled like she’d done something naughty. She’s got some craft projects she’s working on for her church - but I’m happy to say that she’s not attending services, even though her church is open. Because she knows that the virus spreads like wildfire in churches. And she loves it when I come over every weekend. It’s expected now. And I will gladly oblige because I’m just so happy that she and my dad are doing okay right now.

She’s also in love with Andrew Cuomo, and I couldn’t love her more for that!

I must savor this…for as long as I can.

With love in my heart,

rhizome July 09, 2020

loving someone who supports trump sounds impossible. i'm so glad she's coming around. <3

Ginger Snap rhizome ⋅ July 10, 2020

It was very difficult when I found out she voted for him.

bobbi01 July 09, 2020

Off to google Cuomo....

Ginger Snap bobbi01 ⋅ July 10, 2020

What’d you think? 😊

permanent daylight July 09, 2020

Haha. That is a nice story. I wouldn't mind that being my 57th anniversary party too, mostly cause that would mean I am still alive and kicking in my... early 90s haha.

Ginger Snap permanent daylight ⋅ July 10, 2020

Yeah, me too. Unfortunately, I'll never ever get to see an anniversary like that! They are two lucky people - sometimes crazy, but they are super lucky. :)

permanent daylight Ginger Snap ⋅ July 11, 2020

I am hopeful, at least on my dad's side, the men in my family are known for their longevity! And at just over 5 years this is already the longest relationship I've managed to keep together so I'd better not screw it up ;)

I think maybe you get a little crazy when you've been together for so long but you get crazy together so you "get" each other. I heard a story once of a couple reaching 50 years and someone asked them if they ever considered divorce and one of them said "No, we both considered murder but never divorce" :P

Marg July 10, 2020

Aw that’s so lovely!

Complicated Disaster July 10, 2020

<3 <3 <3 xx

Bre M July 10, 2020

Aren't moms terrific

plushcreep July 12, 2020

I love it when people come around and admit the error of their ways. Too many are frozen by pride. Your mom rocks!

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