3 months 26 days post op in Pudendal Decompression Surgery

  • July 9, 2020, 12:25 a.m.
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Things to be greatful for
1) I got a lot done today, moving and organizing my stuff.
2) I got to see my cousin AC, and I have physical therapy to look forward to tomorrow which gives me a few hours of relief.
3) The pain feels like “surgical pain”or “new pain” like, more burning instead of stinging stabbing nerve pain overall.
4) I feel like I am bouncing back from some of these bad bladder spasms.
5) Digestive pain wasnt an issue today,

Bad things
1) Very hot, and tired today and I overworked physically.
2) I had a bladder spasm at the end of the day. Felt it coming but held off peeing because that’s what brought it about.
3) Still very anxious how my pain is going to be day to day. Despite me noticing very very small improvements when I do have “okay” hours, there’s still no level of predictability
4) Didn’t get to check in with my PN folks today.
5) Mood is kinda crumby just because how hot it is.

music & dogs & wine July 09, 2020

Get some sleep! Can you use cannabis for your pain treatment at all?

AnOrangeZebra music & dogs & wine ⋅ July 09, 2020

Yep I have had my card a few years now. Then it became recreationally legal in IL. But there are perks to having my medical card. I can grow plants if I wanted to. I get a lot more options in terms of product. The recreational dispensaries cannot keep up with the demand. But the medicinal facilities seem to have more options allthough not MUCH more. I tend to take the flower with lower THC, and higher CBD. It helps with sleep and anxiety. I also take Kratom.

music & dogs & wine AnOrangeZebra ⋅ July 09, 2020

Nice! I am glad it helps you! Weed is legal here too. CBD is so great for so many things! I just googled Kratom as I had never heard of it. Where do you get it? What does it do for you?

PS Somebody else I know in Chicago said she went to the dispensary today and all they had was edible taco seasoning, wtf? I like edibles, but I am glad my place is stocked up with all kinds of shit!

AnOrangeZebra music & dogs & wine ⋅ July 09, 2020

Kratom is awesome, look up the documentary on netflix called "A Leaf of Faith". I order mine online from vendors that do private testing. You can get them at "head shops" but I dont trust it. I think the high is a lot different than marijuana. There arent as many "mental looping" things that you get with THC . I prefer it but it doesnt last long for me. I do powder twice or 3x a day depending how bad I am mentally w the pain. That is crazy they only had that left. I dont really like edibles they really mess w my head. CBD is great. I have some CBD creams for my pain and it works nicely on the skin.

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