Running List of People I Know Who've Had Covid-19 in These Foolish Things

  • July 6, 2020, 11:14 a.m.
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I thought it would be interesting to keep a running tally of people I know personally (or at least as an acquaintance) who either have Covid-19 now or have had it in the past. Of course, I’ll change all of their names here, but I am going to keep this list on my phone with real first names so I can remember:

  1. NBA basketball player I met in Miami back at the beginning of March - granted, I met him for just a second and then went on to hang out with his bodyguard, but he was the first person I’d known to have Covid when the NBA players were tested a couple weeks later

  2. Elise - she lives far away from me, but she posted on social back in March or early April that she had it and it was TERRRRRIBLE!

  3. Nate - my former next door neighbor found out he had it about 3 days after he’d moved out of my building at the end of March. Said he thought he got it from some party he attended a couple weeks prior.

  4. Bryan - a friend who lives in the ‘burbs. Posted on social that he had it back in May and didn’t want to say anything until he was 100% in the clear. I don’t think he got it really bad, but he definitely quarantined himself. As far as I know, his wife, another friend of mine, never got it.

  5. Chelsea - a Gen Y chick at my office. She’s always posting about going to parties. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone else.

  6. Preacher and his wife - I suppose this could be two people, but I’ve only met the dude once (he’s the former minister at my parents’ church) and I’ve never met his wife, but she’s got the ‘Rona too. These two worry me quite a bit as they are both older and have pre-existing conditions that could be very scary

  7. Marco - My friend Matt’s partner. I saw him last night as we were both out walking our dogs in the park he lives near. He told me not to get too close as he’d JUST gotten over Covid and has tested negative like within the last couple of days. Matt is working on the E.Coast and hasn’t been able to travel here and that’s a good thing because he’d likely have gotten it also.

This is super scary. I’ll update further as I hear/know of more.

Elaine Benes July 06, 2020

Yikes. My friend Jamie is the only person I know who has had it. And she had it kind of bad. Still says she’s not feeling herself and she had it in March.

Ginger Snap Elaine Benes ⋅ July 06, 2020

Right? It seems like a lot of people to know who've had it, but I'm thinking that sadly, I'll hear of many many more - crossing fingers for myself!

I understand the Covid fatigue is real. I have to go to my doctor's office tomorrow and I'm pretty nervous about it. On top of that, I'm going to see if I can get my shingles shot (2nd round) and I know that makes you feel sick. Ugh. I'm just worried.

Jinn July 06, 2020

My brother had it in April and almost died. Eleven days on a vent . He is 50 .
My cousin and her husband had it in March and had tough cases but did not have to get hospitalized. That is all of the people I know. Thank goodness !!

Ginger Snap Jinn ⋅ July 06, 2020

Oh my goodness!! That is terrifying! I hope they don't have lingering issues.

Jinn Ginger Snap ⋅ July 07, 2020

None so far . They were all pretty healthy people and still are , although my brother has said that he still does not feel well and it’s been almost three months :-(

The Thirsty Oriental July 06, 2020

Yikes. I don't know a single nobody!

Athena July 06, 2020

I’ll do this list too. I found out about two more this weekend. I know of quite a lot.

bobbi01 July 06, 2020

This Is terrifying on so many levels. Seeing the 4th of July footage I somehow don't think people are getting the message!

Ginger Snap bobbi01 ⋅ July 06, 2020

Not even close! I feel like we're all gonna get this eventually because of all of the movement of people. And here I sit - alone in my apartment.

permanent daylight July 06, 2020

Wow, so many. I only know one person who had it, it's been pretty rare here outside of the nursing homes. Thank goodness.

plushcreep July 06, 2020

Scary read. The comments more so than your post! I know nobody personally.

Marg July 07, 2020

This entry and your comments are a pretty scary read! I only know of folk on here who have had it and that’s only half a dozen - although that’s enough!

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