Another 4-July (aka TreasonDay) in Random Thoughts

  • July 4, 2020, 8:07 p.m.
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That’s how the Queen probably sees it.

I’m getting braced for the big bang boom tonight. I hate the fireworks. In this neighborhood, you can’t tell if it’s a mortar or a shotgun. Damn… too bad I don’t have any blank shells.

I know I’m gonna end up thinking way too much about JP since 4-Jul was the first time we… well… “completely connected”. The first real physical relationship I had. The second good ex. The fireworks always make me miss her. It’s the one time I’m not plagued with memories of BL. But I’m gonna put in ear plugs and put my noise cancelling headphones on, and see how much of it I can drown out.

Been up on the garage roof, cutting some limbs of the neighbor’s dogwood off from over my garage. In the process of weed killing, I discovered that I had a rather bad moss problem on the garage roof. I’ve left the ladder up, as if I decide to watch the fire works, I may carry a folding chair up and sit on the shed roof, since it’s nearly flat. I more than likely won’t, though.

Coincidentally, the memories thing on Facecrap pulled up one I’d forgotten. I’d been trying to figure out what this song was that BL played on the piano for me for about 16 years, and a few years ago today I figured it out. I thought about sharing that post, but I don’t think she’d see it anyway. I’m figuring she kept me as a friend but unfollowed me. Eh, it’s okay.

I’m gonna go finish cutting up the limbs and get them in the bin, then see what I can do with cutting out that damn knot weed in the back. It’d be easier to poison the root thing if I can see the stump. I might have more later.

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