Friends and work and etc. in A Day in the Life of Me

  • July 5, 2020, 12:36 a.m.
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As of 3:35am yesterday, all my best friends now have kids..... I am the only one in my close circle that doesn’t.
And never will… unless they are 4 - legged.
Still haven’t heard back about kitten adoption application I sent in almost 3 weeks ago.
Also tried to arrange a hang out for canada day with the one who always complains we never make time for her… she was very vague on responses to hubby, and never even responded to my msg asking if she GOT said msg from hubby, so I am now over it… I even went so far as to ask boss lady if I chipped in for gas if her hubby would be willing to drive me to where the kittens are if we got approved and had to go to pick them up.
been back to work for like 3 weeks now, and ppl are for the most part good about everything, which makes the ones NOT ok about everything even worse… we’ve had a massive till issue this week that has been causing major headaches for me and boss lady (still the only 2 ppl on staff atm) and has caused some upset customers, which is understandable, but there is literly NOTHING we can do about it, its corporate wide, and been escalated up to the tecs, but they haven’t gotten everything fixed. For 3 days we weren’t able to do home orders (fixed), the phones were not working (ringing but no one was on the other end when answered, seems to be fixed as of today) and we STILL can not process online returns or exchanges if someone brings in something they ordered themselves from home.

Also we have been trying to get a line of credit for the last two years to get D’s bike fixed and back on the road.. last year the excuse was he hadn’t been at his current job long enough, this year its because hes not showing on the credit bureau , even though he’s had the power bill in his name only since we moved into the new unit.
Would it be shallow of me to start a gofundme to get the money? lol it needs about $3000 for repairs for sitting for so long because we couldn’t afford to have it on the road when he wasn’t working…
He’s at a loss as to what to do. He doesn’t want to sell it, but we can’t currently do anything to get it roadworthy atm....

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